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6 Signs Your Diet is Damaging Your Thyroid

Do you know what your thyroid can do? As one of the most important organs in your body, and a key component of your endocrine system, your thyroid is important for fulfilling a number of…

4 Natural Methods to Heal Cracked Feet
5 Startling Diseases that Dentists Find Before You
How to Stay Flu Free this Winter

Video – Nutritional Deficiencies Are Causing Mood Diso...

Do you know what nutritional deficiencies can cause mood disorders or depression? Learn about the symptoms of nutritional deficiency here!

Video – What Superfoods Can Naturally Cleanse Your Liv...
lemon mint cucumber
Why You Should Drink Lemon, Cucumber and Mint Water
Nutritional Deficiencies Are Causing Mood Disorders

How to Stay Flu Free this Winter

With cold weather right around the corner, flu season is inbound! When temperatures drop, people tend to pack together in close proximity in order to stay warm; unfortunately, this also makes it easier for viruses…


5 Amazing Foods to Flush Nicotine from the Body

Smoking is a rough habit that can cause some serious damage to your physical and mental health – unfortunately, it’s also highly addictive and hard to quit. The addictive properties come back to nicotine, the…


7 Deadly Habits Affecting Brain Health

  There are millions of Americans striving daily to modify the health of their bodies through diet and exercise, but what most often don’t consider, is the importance of a healthy brain. Dr. Sandra Chapman,…


Are You Suffering from Liver Failure?

Liver failure is aptly defined as an inability for the liver to perform its metabolic and synthetic functions – at least to a sufficient degree. It is more commonly seen in people suffering from autoimmune…


Baking Soda: Miraculous Healing and Cleansing

If you’ve ever researched natural cures, holistic home remedies, or taken some health advice from your grandmother, chances are Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon, Honey BAKING SODA was a popular ingredient in your discoveries.  From age…


How to Treat Your Indigestion with Ayurveda

Indigestion is often characterized by feelings of discomfort and bloating after a meal. These feelings are often accompanied by burning sensations and pain that tear through the upper part of your stomach. In any case,…

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