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Proven Ways to Naturally Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, soft pieces of skin that appear on the surface of your skin, and that look rather like small partly deflated balloons. They can be skin colored or slightly darker, and are…

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Twelve Changes That Will Cut Your Cancer Risk in Half

Recommended Personal Care Products

Most of the personal care products in stores today are jam-packed full of chemicals and unnatural additives that hinder their benefits. That’s why I’ve made this page that is made up of the 10 most…

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Juices Have More Sugar Than Chocolate!

by Vicky Tobianah If you pat yourself on the back every time you pick up a container of so-called healthy juice, think again. The average juice has 39 grams of sugar, which is the same…


Tea Tree Oil has Amazing Health Benefits!

For generations essential oils have been utilized for recovery and health purposes. Long even before all of these supplements and pharmaceuticals, humans have used essential oils like tea tree oil for their health issues. Tea…


Top 11 Biggest Lies About Vegan Diets

It is claimed that the vegan diet has strong evidence behind it. It is said that it can make people lose weight and even reverse killer diseases. However… vegan proponents usually don’t tell you the…