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Beat Inflammation with This Nutritious Beet Juice!

Green juices are all the rage right now, but want to know a little secret? It doesn’t matter if your juice is green, blue, red, yellow or orange, only as long as it’s colorful! You…

plant protein
5 Plant Proteins to Improve the Results of Your Workout
Avoid This Beverage to Reduce Your Risk of Having a Stroke a...
benefit of essential oils
7 Essential Oils that Promote A Balanced, Healthy Life

What Happens When You Light Processed Cheese on Fire?

In a blind taste test, can you imagine the difference between real cheddar cheese and a processed cheese slice? The reality is, they couldn’t be more different. As the age old saying goes, it would…

Video – Nutritional Deficiencies Are Causing Mood Diso...
Video – What Superfoods Can Naturally Cleanse Your Liv...
lemon mint cucumber
Why You Should Drink Lemon, Cucumber and Mint Water
gene enhancing diet

How You Can Have a Gene-Enhancing Diet

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you are a beautiful example of a human being. The way you are is partially determined during the creation of your DNA and genes. Genes are comprised of your very unique…


Top 3 Ways to Combat Depression Naturally

Depression is thought to affect about one in 10 Americans.1 In 2010, antidepressants were the second most commonly prescribed type of medication in the US,2 hinting at the severity of the problem. Contrary to popular…

natural facial toner

DIY Revitalizing, All-Natural Facial Toner

The skin-cleansing aisle at the drugstore is a little bit overwhelming to say the least. I hate being manipulated and deceived by seemingly fresh, all-natural products that contain harmful toxins and chemicals. Your skin would…

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