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These 16 amazing vegan dishes will keep you clean, lean and full of energy


Protein is important and meat has a lot of it.  This is why animal meat can be such a valuable and healthy option for your diet; but it can also be dangerous.  Too much protein can cause cells to overgrow; this is also known as cancer.

Tossing aside the horrific conditions the animal goes through in captivity, the value, for your body, of eating a largely condensed diet of vegetables is inarguable. Many green plants offer a high level of protein without the saturated fats or cholesterols.  Dietitians advice eating a 5:1 ratio of plants to animals to balance your nutritional input.

Knowing this, what do you do?  Figure out how to make the most delicious food, regardless of if it’s plant or animal based.  Use vinegars, oils and salts to turn bland vegetables and fruits into the most amazing food you would pay top dollar for at a restaurant.  

Here are some absolutely amazing recipes you can get started on to alkalize your body and get on the right track.  Enjoy meat (or don’t if you’re vegan), but enjoy vegetables as well!

1. 5 Ingredient Black Bean Chilli 



2. Butternut Squash Ramen Bowl With Rice Noodles, Tofu and Pea Shoots


3. Creamy Polenta & Mushrooms

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4. Chickpea & Artichoke ‘Bliss in a Dish’ One-Pot Wonder



5. West African Peanut & Sweet Potato Stew


6. Spaghetti Puttanesca With Olives & Artichokes


7. Easy Creamy Tomato Barley Risotto


8. Easy Lentil, Sweet Potato & Coconut Curry


9. Vegan Eggplant Pasta


10. Kale & Cannelini Bean Soup



11. Indian Aloo Gobi (Potato & Cauliflower)


12. Cauliflower, Kale & Chickpea Curry


13. Veggie & Soba Noodle Soup


14. Mexican Casserole


15. ‘Cheesy’ Broccoli Pasta


16. Peanut Sesame Noodles & Veggies

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