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5 Natural Things To Do When Your Doctor Cannot Diagnose Your Pain


Brain fog, pain, fatigue, poor memory, and pain are often associated with autoantibodies. There are 75 million Americans affected by these issues. Of those, 50 million have several symptoms and autoantibodies but not enough damage to make a diagnosis. Is this you? Are you suffering but your medical team can’t give you a diagnosis yet? Have you seen many doctors and medical professionals without anyone being able to help you with your various complaints?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Your physician says that they can’t do anything for you and tells you to come back in a year. No advice is given other than to take Tylenol or ibuprofen or similar non-narcotic pain pills. Meanwhile, you have to wait until there is enough damage to your organs that a diagnosis can be made and drugs can be prescribed.


Natural Chronic Pain Relief

The good news is there is a far better approach. Health exists on a continuum, with optimal health on one end and death on the other. In between you have mild dysfunction, pre-disease with lots of symptoms, overt disease, worsening disease, and multiple disease states.


When you are in the pre-disease state with lots of symptoms, there is a lot you can do to improve the health of your cells and allow them to begin the repair process, which can often resolve pain, fatigue, mood problems.

Tips for Natural Pain Relief

Here are five things to try:

  • Go completely off of grain and dairy for one to three months. Unrecognized sensitivity to the proteins in grain (gluten and lectins) and dairy (casein) can lead to increased inflammation and higher rates of autoimmunity, neurological, and psychiatric diseases.
  • Eat more vegetables, ideally six to nine cups a day. Eating more vegetables reduces the risk of many chronic health problems, including obesity, diabetes, cancer, neurological problems, psychiatric disorders, and autoimmunity.
  • Sleep 7 to 9 hours every night. Sleep is when we repair and maintain our bodies. Do not cut it short.
  • Engage in a stress-reducing practice. When we have chronic elevation of stress hormones, our cell function is directed away from maintenance and repair.
  • Laugh more. A good belly laugh increases many health-promoting hormones and also reduces inflammation.

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