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Almost Every Pain In Your Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders Can Be Relieved With These Adjustments


A lot of us have aches and pains that have become so much a part of our daily lives that we’ve learned to live with them (if not accept them). The problem is that all these small aches and pains, such as lower back and neck issues, are derived from bad posture.

We’re NOT pointing any fingers here; we all make posture mistakes on a daily basis without even realizing it. Sure, an Epsom Salt Bath Soak might clear up the problem temporarily, but if you continue on with bad posture, guess who’ll be knocking on your door again soon?

In this post, we’ll be highlighting some common posture mistakes that cause back pain (and more), and then we’ll be giving you tips on how to relieve back pan by fixing your bad posture. We’ll even throw in some advice on how to posture-check yourself, just to help keep you on the right track. All of our recommendations take 30 seconds or less, and we’re kind of sure that you’ll find them as useful as we do.

6 Common Bad Posture Problems (and how to fix them!)

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1. Not Sitting Up in a Chair

Most of us slouch in our chairs, which is why most of us experience some form of lower back pain during one stage or another of our lives.

How to Fix It


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Make sure you sit up properly in your chair. Make sure you do exercises that strengthen the back and core muscles, which will further support your posture while sitting in a chair.

2. Standing With Your Butt Outwards

People that have a pronounced curve in their lower backs and folks that tend to stand with their bottom stuck out may develop (or already suffer from) hyper-lordosis.

This posture problem looks like a classic picture of Donald Duck. Conditions such as pregnancy and carrying too much belly fat exacerbate this problem.

How to Fix It

Make sure you do thigh stretches and hip flexor exercises – you can also do some core training, as well as exercises that strengthen the buttocks.

It’s crucial that you learn to stand upright, almost as if having a string tied to your head which pulls you upward. This will help get rid of your back pain.

3. Having Your Back Flat While Standing

Folks that tuck their pelvises in and straighten out their lower backs (instead of having a naturally curved posture) tend to stoop forward while standing.


This increases their chances of developing back pains that extend all the way from their upper to their lower backs. They’ll also have a hard time standing around for extended periods of time.

How to Fix It


Core strengthening exercises along with those that focus on strengthening the buttocks, neck, back, and shoulder muscles should be done to help correct this very common posture problem.

4. Leaning on the Right or Left Leg

While it might feel super comfy, leaning on either one of your legs while standing is a habit that could be causing you a lot of pain.

That’s because instead of using your buttocks or core muscle groups to keep you up, you’re relying on your hip and your lower back, and putting too much strain on this area causes pain.

How to Fix It

The best way to fix this common problem is to focus on the idea of distributing your weight on both of your legs as you stand. You can try exercises such as bridges and plank poses to help strengthen your muscles and get rid of any posture-related pains which you may be experiencing.

5. The Common Hunchback

Most of us know this posture problem as “the phone pose.” It’s the pose we all seem to adopt when we’re glued to our smartphones, putting a strain on our necks and backs while we check what’s new.

This leads to problems such as a rounded upper back, causing severe pain in the upper back and the shoulders.

How to Fix It


Make sure you’re doing a lot of exercises that’ll strengthen your shoulders, neck, and, of course, your upper back.

6. The Chin-Out Pose

Another name for this posture problem is the “PC screen stare.” You’ve all seen it, heck you may even be doing it right this moment! We’re talking about the people who sit too low beneath their PC screens and stick their chins out to compensate.

How to Fix It

Your sitting habits will have to be addressed and corrected if you want to get rid of the back pain that comes paired with the chin-out posture problem. Make sure you’re adjusting your seat height, and focus on keeping your head straight and upright while using the computer.

Final Thoughts

In our modern world, it’s pretty hard not to fall victim to one of these common posture pitfalls and the pain associated with them. The good news is that now you know what these common mistakes are, and how they can quickly and easily be corrected.

We hope that this post has been helpful in guiding you through the process of alleviating the pains that derive from poor posture, and that you’re a little more aware of where, why, and how to avoid these innocent yet painful mistakes.


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