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The NaturalNews Network is a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism. It's founder, Mike Adams, has been called "the best health and natural products writer on the scene today" and has openly recommended hundreds of health and green living products without any compensation or kickbacks. He adheres to a strong ethical code and practices the lifestyle he teaches.
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Costco Takes A Stand Against Bee-Killing Pesticides, Requests Suppliers Make A Drastic Change

Could a retail giant help give more traction to the movement against pesticides that harm bees? The popular big-box retailer,... View Article

Cannabis Takeover by Bayer and Monsanto? Here’s What you Need to Know…

Following months of negotiations and various offers, Germany-based Bayer has finally sealed the deal with Monsanto, purchasing the seed giant... View Article

Massive government study concludes cell phone radiation causes brain cancer

After decades of denials and attacks by the media which called people concerned about cell phone radiation “tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy... View Article

Biggest supermoon in decades happening November 14th

One day after the Super Moon, the brightest and largest appearing full moon of the year. The moon was 356,991... View Article

50 Alkaline Foods to Balance Your Body Naturally to Fight Cancer, Heart Disease and More

Keep your body in an alkaline state; then you will have fewer chances to suffer from chronic diseases. And it’s... View Article

New science revelations: Trees communicate with each other and have social circles

If trees could talk, what would they say? Emerging research suggests that if they had mouths, they might just say... View Article

Dandelion Tea Detoxify Liver & Kidneys, kills Cancer and purifies Blood

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), is unfortunately usually known for being a pesky weed, which people commonly remove from their backyards (and often spray... View Article

Stage III colon cancer cured – survivor Chris Wark lives on to help others through his powerful testimony

If the American Cancer Society was interested in bringing cancer cure protocols to the people who struggle the most, then... View Article

7 Horrifying Facts About The HPV Vaccine

Guarantees. Insurance. Promises. Concerns over safety, security, and health make most people apprehensive about the future on some level. Guarding... View Article

Vitamin D protects against asthma, reduces attacks by 50%

Vitamin D supplements reduce the risk of severe asthma attacks by 50 percent, according to a recent research review by... View Article