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Crocodile Oil Proven To Reduce Inflammation By 60% And Boost Gut Immunity (And Can Now Be Bought In Stores!)


When most people think about crocodiles, they’re minds are usually flooded with images of modern age dinosaurs. They would be right of course, crocodiles are some of the oldest creatures on the planet, genetically unchanged for millions of years. They are some of the fiercest and powerful predators in nature.

Crocodiles have the strongest immune systems in the world. Researchers have noticed that older crocodiles have deep lacerations in their skin from fights with other crocodiles that don’t get infected, even in swampy conditions. That’s due to their incredible ability to heal naturally, that has developed over millennia.

In fact, crocodiles are only susceptible to disease in their first year of life. After that, nature takes over making these creatures almost invincible. But what if there was a way for humans to borrow some of that invincibility?


Crocodile Oil

Crocodile oil has been used for years by many different cultures as a miracle cure for different skin conditions like, acne and pimples, burns, wounds, sunburns, bleeding and even eczema. Research has found that the oil developed from the fat of crocodiles is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 as well as a host of other rare and highly concentrated essential fatty acids.

Tests have also shown that the antibiotic properties found in crocodile fat kill strains of virulent bacteria, including the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or MSRA, which is a drug resistant superbug known to cause serious and sometimes deadly skin infections in human beings.

Crocodile oil has also proven to be effective in helping to heal Candida imbalances. Candida albicans is a fungus that is prevalent in the gut of humans and overgrows in immune deficient patients as well as in patients on antibiotic therapy. In their tests, scientists found that crocodile oil exhibited a maximum antifungal activity of 81.7%!


Not only is it effective against infection, it also has strong anti-inflammatory properties as well. One study conducted by the University of Kwanzu-Natal found that crocodile oil, when taken orally, was able to reduce the inflammation of a mouse by 60%. This study found that when taken orally, the oil is most effective for a 3 hour period, and when used topically it is the most optimal after 12 hours.

These findings suggest that when taken orally, crocodile oil works quickly, but when used topically it’s healing abilities work for a longer period of time. These findings just prove that the health benefits of crocodile oil is more than just rumour and speculation.

Crocodile Farming

It is important to know that crocodiles are not simply being killed for their precious oil. There are farms in Africa that raise hundreds of crocodiles for their meat, as well as the protection of the species. Years ago, crocodiles were poached almost to extinction in some parts of Africa but these farms intervened, raising and protecting crocodiles to be released into the wild.


The crocodiles that are being farmed are being raised with care and none of the animal is wasted. In fact, not using the crocodile oil would be wasteful in itself. There are even agreements between these crocodile farms and the government that, if the wild crocodile population were ever to drop, they would assist in saving the species.

These great beasts may seem formidable and menacing, but they are members in the world just like you and I. It is important that we respect these creatures, and producers of crocodile oil keep that front of mind. They honor these animals by the way they raise them and how they use their oil to heal and cure others.


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