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Seeing These Cute Baby Animals Will Make Your Entire Day


Humans are hardwired to find babies adorable. It’s nature’s way of ensuring that we’ll take care of our own, and keep the animal population on earth going. It’s this biological need that causes us to “awwww” every time we look at a photo of a baby. That warm, fuzzy feeling that we get doesn’t end with human babies, but extends to cute baby animals as well.

A study led by researcher Hiroshi Nittono and published in the journal PLoS ONE found that viewing cute images increases motivation and focus[1]. So next time you’re feeling mentally blocked at the office, stop and take a look at these adorable baby animals. I promise you, it’ll make you smile.

Baby Hedgehog

Don’t mistake these little guys for porcupines, these baby hedgehogs feel more like a hair brush than a pin cushion. Despite their prickles, these babies are stealing our hearts with their tiny paws and wiggly noses. Hedgehogs are native to Europe, Africa and Asia, but are a popular pet across the globe. They have little odor and are not likely to bite, making them the perfect pet for any household.

Baby Seal


It’s no surprise that these fluffy, awkward mammals have stolen our hearts with just one photo. Some seals will dig holes in the sand to have their young, while others will have their babies directly on icebergs. They may live in cold climates, but these babies continue to warm our hearts.

Baby Elephant 

You’re never too big to cuddle! And who couldn’t want a cuddle after seeing this baby elephant’s floppy ears, and clumsy gait. Baby elephants can weigh around 200 lbs at birth. After 2 or 3 years the male elephant will leave its mother’s side, but the female will stick close, solidifying her position as “Mama’s Girl”. Sadly, Asian elephants are on the endangered list, and African elephants are considered vulnerable, so it’s important for us to do all that we can to make sure that more adorable babies like this make it into the world.

Baby Crocodiles


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With their razor sharp teeth and massive size, adult crocodiles may not fall under our list of cute animals, but their babies sure do! Crocodiles have been around for millions of years, and even after all that time their babies still manage to make our hearts melt.


Pigs are as smart as a 3 year old human child, and they have the cuteness to match it! Their favourite activities include belly scratches and munching on snacks. Domestication has allowed these piggies to thrive on human attention. All the better for us!

Baby Deer

Image Courtesy: Flickr


Known for being calm, cool and collected, baby deer are able to walk within hours of being born. They’re spots make them masters at hiding from predators, but they can’t hide from our chorus of “awwwws”.

Baby Sloth 

Baby sloths may be one of the slowest animals on the list, but they are definitely at the top of the list when it comes to cuteness. They spend nearly all of their lives hanging around in trees, and will travel around by clinging to their mothers for the first 9 months of their lives.

Baby Giraffe

Photo Credit: Flickr


With their mothers taking the prize for tallest mammals on the planet, baby giraffes enter the world by dropping more than 5 feet to the ground. They also take the award for quickest bounce-back, by standing up within half an hour of being born, and running with their mothers after only ten hours!

Baby Kangaroo 


Baby kangaroos are called Joey’s, and they’re carried around in their mother’s pouch until 10 months of age. Suffice to say that these little roo’s are experts are dishing out the love.

Baby Skunk

Skunks have a pretty bad reputation because of their stink. But these baby skunks are here to show you that they’re just as cute as their competitors, despite the smell that comes along with them.

If your day is not going as planned, rest assured knowing that mother nature has provided us with these adorable babies to love. Babies can brighten up a room with their flashing smiles, and these cute baby animals have proven to be pros at stealing our hearts without even trying.


[1] Hiroshi Nittono. (September 26, 2012). The Power of Kawaii: Viewing Cute Images Promotes a Careful Behaviour and Narrows Attentional Focus. Retrieved on October 11, 2017 from

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