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Dynamite All Natural First Aid Kit Product Review and Giveaway


I own a green home, I eat organic food, I clean my house with non-toxic cleaning products and use only organic and chemical free personal hygiene products, but the one area that I have yet to make the full transition is with my first aid kit. Why, well mostly because of lack of knowledge and a bit of fear. Simply put I want it outlined for me with all the components in one single box just like your traditional first aid kits. So when Dynamite Inc. contacted me and asked me to review their All-Natural First Aid Kit I was pretty excited.

What’s the Product?
All Natural First Aid Kit by Dynamite

First Impressions

My first impression was pretty underwhelming. The packaging is very plain with no exterior labeling other than a very simple label. At first glance the information in the first aid kit seems a bit overwhelming. The instructions are somewhat convoluted and need to be more specific. I think if it was a traditional first aid kit I would feel comfortable with the limited instructions, but since I am using products that I have never tried before I would like information that is more extensive. Although there seems to be a few challenges, I am eager to try out the first aid kit.


How I used it

Dynomite First Aid KitI seem to cut myself all the time so I didn’t think it would be an issue when it came to reviewing a first aid kit, but as things typically go the minute I get an all natural first aid kit I don’t get a cut, blister, bruise or bump for over a month! Finally, I cut myself and with a bit of excitement grabbed for the natural first aid kit. As I stated above, it was a bit challenging to figure out what to use and how, but once I did, I found it quite easy to follow, although I am still not clear on quantities concerning the colloidal silver.

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So the first thing I applied was the trace minerals; wow, I can’t believe that it stopped the bleeding almost instantly. I was amazed that it actually stopped the bleeding.

Ironically enough, my daughter came home that evening with a cut foot from an afternoon at the beach. I quickly grabbed the all natural first aid kit and was surprised at my comfort level using the products. The first thing I did was flush the cuts out with the ‘wound wash’. Of course I did have a moment of hesitation wondering if it would sting since my daughter is only three. But she didn’t seem to be too bothered by it. I followed that with the trace minerals which immediately stopped the bleeding. I would have also used the solace but was unsure of the ratio needed to dilute the product so I held off. I did contact the company for specific instructions, but even with the products I did use I was more than impressed and have been looking for other victims to use my new all natural first aid kit on.

The next night my daughter got a mosquito bite on her back and I immediately applied the ‘release’, which had excellent instructions and I was thrilled with the results. My daughter typically reacts to mosquito bites as if she had an allergic reaction but this time no scratching and no complaints. And she has not scratched it sense. That is a miracle in itself.

Overall, I am more than impressed with this first aid kit. Although I did not have the opportunity to try all the products based on the 6 out of 8 of the products I did try I would definitely recommend this All Natural First Aid Kit.

How does Mother Earth feel about this product?


Mother Earth is definitely pleased with Dynamite. Every machine, company vehicle, lawnmower, etc. used by Dynamite Marketing uses ZF-100, which help reduce exhaust emissions and fuel usage. All Dynamite products are chemical-free and non-leaching. They use environmentally sound ingredients, which make their products safe and friendly to our environment. The company eliminated an extra workday per week to help reduce energy and fuel costs. They also reduce their paper waste by communicating more online, using recycled paper (including the newsletter and packing slips) only when they must print; they recycle office waste including paper, cans, bottle, boxes, etc; conscious of energy waste, they are using energy-efficient light bulbs in their home office, even turning off lights when not needed.

In 2009 Dynamite’s sales contest prizes were a choice of a personal prize for distributors or double the value for a charitable donation to the winner’s choice. The company gave $22,000 to charity and this past year Dynamite donated a pound of dog food to the Idaho Humane Society for every new Facebook fan, resulting in a donation of more than $4,000 worth of dog food. Mother Earth is smiling ear to ear!

Is it a Healthy Product?

Absolutely! If you actually read what is in the products that you currently have in your first aid kit you would likely be tripping over yourself to try this one.

How does this product impact my wallet?


At $49.99 it certainly is an investment. But once you understand how to use it and the quantities needed you will likely come to the same conclusion that I did, it is well worth it.

Would I recommend this product to a friend?

Definitely. I really would encourage everyone to consider making the transition from using a traditional first aid kit to an all natural one.

Bottom Line:


4 1/2 stars. Although the packaging and instructions could use a bit of work, which according to the company are in the process, overall this product gets two big thumbs up!
Dynamite has graciously offered my readers a discount – click here for more information.


The Contest is Now Closed

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