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 I am a certified lip balm fanatic, really I am.  And I am loyal to the end when it comes to brands.  Well actually, I was a Burt’s Bees loyalist for years until I recently tried Beecology’s Buzz Balm, which is fantastic, so I can be swayed.  So when Eco Lips through its hat in the ring and asked us to do a review I was excited to see if they could compete with my new favorite.

What’s the Product?

Eco Lips

Dagoba Mint Organic Gold Unflavored Energy Honest Kids berry/lemonade Sport Bee Free Vegan Lemon Lime Berry ecotints (rose quartz, plush red, mocha velvet) Eco Clip Carabiner

First Impressions

Wow, the flavor options are outrageous – so many to choose from – and who would ever think of doing a chocolate mint lip balm?  Right out of the gate, I am excited to try these products especially the Eco Lips Energy infused with caffeine, green tea and B12, although I find it funny that they have a warning on the label: “Use in moderation.  Not recommended for children, pregnant women or persons sensitive to caffeine”.  They even have a vegan Eco Lips, this should be interesting.

How I used it

The first thing I did when I opened my Eco Lips package was to immediately attach the nifty little Eco Clip Carabiner to my backpack.  I am always losing my lip balm and this will assure me that I will always have one accessible. I love this feature, and to top it off it is made from recycled aluminum.

Eco Lips sent me a ton of lip balm, some flavored, some plain, some with a zip, some specifically for ‘sports’, some for the vegan in your family, some fancy lip balms with tinting, and some for kids.  So the next thing I did was to line them up and every couple of hours I tried a new one.  It was like a smorgasbord of lip balm, oh happy day I love lip balm!

The first one I tried was the Eco Lips Energy, wow this lip balm definitely had some zip to it, I liked it right off the bat.  One down 10 to go.   I made my way through the flavored balms, berry, lemon vegan, which is a cool idea, Dagoba chocolate mint and a kid’s berry berry lemonade balm.  Let me just say I am not a big fan of flavored lip balms so I can’t say that I especially liked any of them, although I really like the idea of creating an organic chocolate mint balm as well as a balm that is vegan.  Just to give it a fair shake I did have my other half, who is a food and flavor addict, try a few and got a fabulous response especially the Dagoba chocolate.  Given the fact that these flavors have the same quality and work just as well as the non-flavored ones, I would have to say if you enjoy a flavored balm Eco Lips is worth a try for sure.  They are just not for me.

The next ones I tried were the unflavored organic Eco Lips Gold and the Eco Lips Sport.  I really liked the Eco Lips Gold, it worked great, had no flavor, and left my lips silky soft.  I was also pleased with the Eco Lips sport, for once a lip balm with sunscreen protection that does not turn your lips white!  Great Stuff.

The final products I tried were the Ecotints.  These lip balms are tinted with natural earth minerals to give your lips a little color.  I have never worn lip-gloss, lipstick or the like and was a wee bit hesitant to try ecotints.  But I was pleasantly surprised with the first color I tried, it didn’t have that makeup taste that I am always afraid to find with lipstick or gloss and it looked pretty good on if I do say so myself.  I tried the darker colors and they did have a bit of a taste, so I would probably stick to the lighter color.  Overall, the ecotints are a nice accessory for those of you that wear lip-gloss and are looking for a healthier alternative.

Bottom line whether someone likes a particular flavor of lip balm, it comes down to personal preference. Whether someone likes a particular brand or company the most important thing is quality, and Eco Lips has just that! Two thumbs up for Eco Lips.

How does Mother Earth feel about this product?

Mother Earth is truly pleased with Eco Lips.  Eco Lips takes sustainability and its commitment to the Earth seriously, it is not just in the name.  In 2004 Eco Lips added solar power to their manufacturing plant in an effort to reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint.  In 2009, Eco Lips shifted to using 100% post consumer recycled material on their paperboard convertible displays.  They also use recyclable tubes for their lip balm and are working with suppliers to create and implement a biodegradable plastic tube. How great is that!  And in 2010, they began using recycled aluminum for their Eco Clip carabiners.  They print all their marketing materials on 100% post consumer recycled material and if that isn’t enough they are leaders in the opposition of using Palm Oil in products due to the impact the farming of this ingredient has on our rainforests.  Wow! And to top it all off they donate one percent of their profits to environmental organizations worldwide.  Yup Mother Earth is pretty darn happy with Eco Lips.

Is it a Healthy Product?

You Bet! Quite a bit of their product line is 100% Organic which is a big plus for me and, better yet, the products are carmine free, gluten free, cruelty free and contain no hydrogenated oils.  They are also free of nano-particles.  Healthy indeed.

How does this product impact my wallet?

You will barely notice it!  Ecolips has found a way to make a non-toxic, organic lip balm and keep it relatively inexpensive.  It truly doesn’t cost more than your regular lip balm.

Would I recommend this product to a friend?

Yep, you bet.  My sister loves lip balm as well, so she is first on the list to get a sample of Eco Lips.  It really is a great product.

Bottom Line:


4 1/2 stars.  You know the saying if you are going to do just one thing do it well…Eco Lips does just that! Two thumbs up for Eco Lips.

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