Natural flea control is required as a means for protecting your home and your pets from a real blood sucking pest. The adult dog flea is an insect that cannot fly, but rather has an extremely powerful set of back legs that allow it to jump as high as nine inches high, or five feet across. What most people do not realize about fleas is that these fleas do not actually spend most of their life on the host animal where they feed. Fleas only invade our pets when they are looking for something to eat. In other words, if your pet is infested with fleas, then there is a very, very real chance that your home, upholstery, yard and even possibly your vehicle could also be infested with not only adult fleas, but also flea eggs. All natural flea control involves a variety of different steps that, when combined, create the total solution to prevent the flea life cycle from continuing.

What are my options when it comes to natural flea control for my pets?

Most flea treatment products are chemical based, and while they can be quite effective in their own right, there is a very good reason why these products should be avoided: Chemical flea treatments can be harmful for the animals that they are used on, and there is no telling whether or not there will be a reaction until the chemical has been applied, and the damage done. Chemical flea treatments can cause burns and other allergic reactions. This is why all natural flea control and other forms of non toxic flea control are so important to consider.

Introducing organic pet foods and otherwise sprucing up your pet’s diet is a good way to begin a natural flea control regimen. A healthy pet by all regards is a flea free pet.  By supplementing your pets’ diet with garlic during the season where fleas are more prevalent, you can help your pet become less tasty to them. For a product that can fight fleas in your home without harming your companions, use Diatomaceous earth, which is a form of fossilized algae that can penetrate the flea’s exoskeleton coating, dehydrating and killing the little blood suckers. These are two of the most effective forms of all natural flea control which also happen to be completely and fully non toxic flea control as well.

Use a garlic supplement to ward fleas away from you and your pets, as fleas will not appreciate food that has a garlic odor or taste to it. This will keep fleas in the places where they normally spend their time, in the upholstery, carpeting, and pet bedding and in the yard outside. Use the Diatomaceous earth by spreading it out over these surfaces and then use a stiff bristled broom to work the chalk-like substance into the fibers. This will kill the fleas, which will disrupt the flea life cycle and make it difficult for them to invade.

Another excellent all natural dog flea control aid is salt, which is excellent at drying out the eggs that the fleas have laid in your carpeting. Fleas love carpeting because they can hide their eggs there and they are difficult to vacuum up. Luckily, regular, ordinary table salt can be sprinkled out over your carpeting, left to sit for a few hours and then vacuumed back up – And the dried out and dead flea eggs will be sucked up along with it.

There are so many excellent all natural flea control methods that there really is no reason to rely upon toxic chemicals or pesticides to prevent them from coming into your home and harming your beloved pets. Fighting harmful insects with harmful preventatives is not the answer.

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