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Hypoallergenic dog food

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Could hypoallergenic dog food help your dog?

Does your dog suffer from allergies? Your pet may have a food allergy. The solution could be as simple as changing the diet.


Hypoallergenic dog food may be the answer you are searching for-if your dog is suffering from food allergies. Has your dog lost his shiny coat? Is he constantly scratching and biting himself? Don’t let your pet suffer any longer.

Processed food that our pets eat contains proteins, fillers, and dyes. In some canines these proteins are recognized by their immune system as foreign invaders to be attacked. From the inflammation that develops, in dogs, it is their skin that most suffers.

My chow-chow was still a puppy when he began suffering hair loss around his tail. The veterinarian treated him initially for an allergic reaction to flea bites. He continued the same behavior and was obviously not getting any better. Family members offered their well-meaning advice. A neighbor gave his diagnosis of mange and recommended putting burnt motor oil on my puppy’s bald spots!

My energetic chow puppy became lethargic. You can imagine how awful your pet must feel with constantly itching and scratching until they develop sores and bleed. Then when you attempt to treat the dog skin allergies with any medication, the burning and stinging must be painful. It makes both pet and owner feel helpless and miserable.


The vet next gave my chow a round of cortisone shots. In the end, my dog was diagnosed with dog food allergy. The vet prescribed organic pet foods. I began feeding my chow-chow natural dog foods. The main ingredients in his hypoallergenic dog food consisted of lamb and rice.

Lamb has since been removed from the approved list of meat included in hypoallergenic dog food. Manufacturers of natural dog foods try combining unusual protein and carbohydrate sources and limit additives. The proteins used are venison, fish, egg, or duck. The carbohydrate chosen include potato, rice, and peas.

This was the recommended trial by my chow’s veterinarian to test for my dog skin allergies. Begin by only feeding your pet hypoallergenic dog food for a determined amount of time. If, a noticeable recovery from the symptoms occurs- go back to the original diet for up to two weeks. If, the symptoms of your dog skin allergies return, your dog health problems stem from dog food allergy. You must also remember dog treats as well as pet chew toys contain dyes, and keep those away from your pet.

My chow-chow had always eaten table food as well as dry and can dog food. A dog food allergy results over time, so do not assume that what your pet has always eaten, is not the culprit to his developing dog health problems.


It is not difficult to find natural dog foods to treat your pet’s dog food allergy. You will become accustomed to which organic pet foods work best for your dog. Treating your dog food allergy just like any other member of your family, select the best remedy available to cure your dog skin allergies. Hypoallergenic organic dog food will give you- your wagging dog back.

You have shown your love and concern for your pet’s dog food allergy by searching for a solution for your dog health problems. Hypoallergenic dog food will have you both sighing with relief.

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