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Stop suffering from neck pain! Do THIS for 2 minutes every day to find quick relief


What If One Simple Exercise Could Rid You Of Nagging Neck & Shoulder Pain?


According to a recent study from Denmark, 50% of office workers will suffer from neck and shoulder pain every year from prolonged periods of poor posture while at work.

Performing this simple Thera-Band exercise 2 minutes a day, 5 times a week, will significantly decrease your neck and shoulder pain.

Thera-Band Exercise

  1. Assume a staggered stance position. 
  2. Grasp the handles of the Thera-Band tubing and step on the middle of the tubing with your right foot. 
  3. Now lift your arms upward and slightly outward of your body about 30 degrees. 
  4. Keep your elbows bent about 5 degrees. 
  5. Stop at shoulder level, hold and return.
  6. Make sure to keep your shoulder blades down and avoid shrugging your shoulders and keep your back straight. 
  7. Repeat for 2 minutes once a day for 5 (work) days.

Watch the video below for a demonstration:


By adding a therapeutic massage to your Thera-Band exercise program, your neck and shoulder pain will only be a distant memory.


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Morgan Massage

Morgan Massage

Morgan Sutherland, L.M.T. is an award winning massage therapist with 14 years experience treating clients with chronic pain and sports injuries with a combination of deep tissue massage and cupping. When he’s not helping clients manage their back pain, he’s teaching workshops on how to incorporate massage cupping into a bodywork practice. Morgan’s book, Back To The Past: 9 Ways To Free Yourself From Back Pain So You Can Feel Like Yourself Again encourages you to take better care of your back, posture and health
Morgan Massage

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