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How to replace expensive acne treatments with this natural probiotic spray


The skin is the body’s largest organ and is our first line of defense against the threats of the outside world. So when issues related to our skin’s health including acne, eczema, and rosacea affect us, it is important to treat them as quickly and efficiently as possible. These conditions can not only cause discomfort and pain but can be quite embarrassing, out in the open for the whole world to see!

There are a number of medications on the market that you can take orally to treat conditions such as these. However, there are much more effective ways of targeting the issue at the source – on the skin! Allow us to introduce probiotic sprays.

What is Probiotic?

We mostly think of bacteria as being bad – it is blasted away by bright, powerful bottles of kitchen spray in TV commercials and bacteria is always the villain in kids’ TV shows and movies. However, our bodies have a mix of both good and bad bacteria within them, and maintaining both is vital to our health.

Probiotics can help ‘top-up’ the good bacteria in your body and balance the good and bad bacterias to keep you healthy. They can help fight inflammation in the gut as well as neutralize certain toxins. Though the majority of research into probiotics has been on their effect on digestion, there is now increasingly more studies taking place into their impact on our skin health, and this is having vast implications in the skincare industry.

Probiotics in Skin Care


New York-based dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe explains that probiotics have “been shown to affect the skin in a significant way.” When probiotics are applied directly to the skin, they help to combat dysbiosis (an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria) which can lead to a number of skin conditions.

There have been many studies on the effect of probiotics on skin health, though many have focused on oral supplements and shown a link between the digestive system and the skin. However, research into the effect of the topical application of probiotics has increased in recent years.


A significant study from 2008 found that there was an increase in skin ceramide levels following the topical application of specific bacteria. Ceramides are essentially the ‘glue’ that keeps the cells in the top layer of the skin in order. They hold onto and attract moisture to the skin and unfortunately significantly reduce in number as we age – one of the reasons the skin thins as we get older. This research begins to reveal just how useful probiotics could be in topical skincare.

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Julie Segre, a senior investigator at the National Human Genome Research Institute in an interview with the New York Times, explained a high correlation between flare-ups of eczema and certain bacteria on the skin. She said that hypothetically, by monitoring microbes living on the skin, eczema flare-ups could be lessened, “Just like someone who has diabetes is checking their blood-sugar levels, a kid who had eczema would be checking their microbial diversity levels by swabbing their skin.”

Probiotic Sprays

probiotic spray acne eczema skinThere are an increasing number of sprays being manufactured and made available to buy. At their core, many of these sprays are based on the same principle – protect the skin against harmful environmental irritants (such as pollution), and supply nutrients to the skin to calm inflammation, and boost the skin’s immune system. These work in tandem to produce much healthier, happier skin.


The reason that these can be so effective is mainly in their delivery. If you have a skin issue, only taking an oral probiotic usually won’t be enough. Not only is it not as targeted as a topical spray – the effects of the probiotic shared across the whole body – unless it is enteric coated (protecting the probiotics from stomach acid) it won’t survive the journey through the stomach.

Where Can You Find Them?

One company called AOBiome has the most research underway and the most popular products on the market. They are at the forefront of the probiotic spray research field and claim that their early research into probiotic sprays is looking very promising. They found that a routine of using their cosmetic mist AO+ (which contains Nitrosomonas Eutropha, a bacteria known to oxidize ammonia) caused a hundredfold decrease in the bacteria often blamed for causing outbreaks of acne known as Propionibacterium acnes. Clearly very beneficial!

The Future of Skincare?

Using probiotic in this way is certainly an interesting and exciting concept that could change the face of the cosmetic industry and the way we look after our skin in the future. Instead of washing away the bacteria living on our skin with various soaps and solutions, we might all soon be smothering cultures of live bacteria onto it, but for very good reason.


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