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Psychology Test: Which Door Are You Afraid To Enter?


We all have our own fears, whether it’s fear of spiders, heights, the dark, or in this case, the path towards a mysterious door. Try this test and find out why you’re afraid to enter a particular door and see how it relates to your personality and current lifestyle.

First, look at the selection of images above, then pick a door that resonates with your fears the most. No peeking at the answers first! Then find out what your choice says about you below.

  1. Abandoned house

You are an outgoing person. You are comfortable spending time with friends and even strangers because interacting is just second nature to you. Communication is one of your best skills. You are secure in yourself and your abilities but sometimes, you wish that the people in your life gave you more time and attention. This abandoned house is symbolic of the loneliness you hate feeling sometimes, which is completely normal. Don’t fret, those that care about you will always have your back. Make sure you communicate how much you appreciate them too.

  1. Stairwell

This path is daunting because you’re afraid of the unknown. You are the type of person that is sure of every move. You hate surprises. You’re always in the loop of what’s ahead and that makes you feel secure knowing what your next steps will be. But the reality is that life will throw curveballs and situations when they’re least expected so it’s important to embrace every situation and roll with the punches. Anticipate change and train yourself to tackle every situation fearlessly. A great start is to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and assess how you can learn from it.

  1. Cave

You’re afraid to try new things. When you imagine yourself entering a cave and risking your life not knowing what it’s in there, it scares you. It makes total sense but it’s a sign of your fear of discomfort. Granted you are happy and satisfied with the things going on in your life but sometimes, you wish you could be bolder when it comes to life choices. You see everyone around you taking big leaps of faith and you’re wondering how courageous they must be. Keep in mind that everyone’s life is different so it’s not fair to compare your life with someone else. If you really wish to be more daring, think of small, significant steps you can take to start.

  1. Wooden cabin

Cabins are not everyone’s cup of tea because they carry certain characteristics that make them unpleasant. They can be seen as old, rugged, and isolated. You are particularly not fond of them because you view them as low-end and classless. You hate the idea of them because subconsciously, you fear financial instability. You love the idea of luxury and getting the best of anything even if it means paying more for it. You never want to reach a point that makes you worrisome about your finances and material possessions, which is why you’ll probably never choose a cabin as your lodging choice.

  1. Tunnel

You are at a point in your life where you are juggling a lot of responsibilities and it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. Symbolic of this tunnel, you need to focus on your goals and prioritize what is most important. It may seem overwhelming but it is necessary to self-reflect and get your head in the right mindset. It might help to take a few minutes out of your busy day to stretch, meditate, and relax so you can feel energized and can successfully conquer what you need to do. Make use of your strong courage and willingness to be bold.

  1. Door with chains

This door presents itself as a difficult one to get through. Similar to life’s circumstances, the best things require the most effort and call for tremendous hard work. As they say, “if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it.” You wholeheartedly believe in this mantra and you consistently practice hard work in your life. But lately, you feel that there are too many obstacles in your way, much like all the locks on this door that are trying to stop you from what you’re trying to achieve in life. Life is teaching you to be resilient so don’t give up! Be patient and persevere. You will get there eventually.

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