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If You Were This Defenceless You’d Want Someone To Care

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Fur, flesh, and furtive practices not yet forbidden. Rabbits are our furry friends, but a lot of humanity isn’t very friendly towards these defenceless creatures. 

Researchers use rabbits’s eyes to test irritants in makeup, and their bodies are used to test other irritants. Like corrosive materials. The rabbits are either shaved, or have the fur pulled out of their backs, so their skin is exposed. Chemicals are then dripped on to the exposed skin to test how corrosive the materials are. The rabbits are left like this for days, without any help or pain relief.

They’ve Irritated Me


To test irritants their products, makeup companies drip their substances into the eyes of captive rabbits. And it doesn’t stop with makeup. Dishwashing liquids, drain cleaners, and other chemicals are dripped into the sad eyes of these harmless creatures to determine whether they’ll cause redness, swelling, discharge, and worse. Some rabbits are blinded by the procedure, before being killed days later.


Using these techniques on living beings is grotesque. Especially when you consider that there have been safe techniques in place for years. And there are still worse techniques performed on rabbits.

Bunnies are collected and stuffed in cells while they wait for Easter. They hope to go to a good home, but they deserve to be free. In their cells, they smell the death that is happening all around them. For the brave of heart, you can see photos of what happens to these rabbits, including having their skin pulled off while still alive, and having invasive testing without any relief. Their only relief comes after the experiments, with death.

Not Fur Us

Rabbits await death, as we skin them, and use their muscles for food, and they’re fur as a commodity. The rabbits’ lives are grim from the beginning, never seeing natural grass or sunlight, often caged in unsanitary conditions. The fur industry is actually paid more for fur that is ripped out of the rabbit (follow link at your own discretion; the photos and video are graphic and not recommended for children without parental guidance.)

It is in your hands to help inform future generations about the correct treatment of life on Earth, and how to treat all life equally and respectfully. Show these images for informational purposes only, not as a scare tactic. Inform our youth, and the future of humanity, that they don’t need to use dated, barbaric tactics to fill their pockets. Show them that there are so many safe alternatives to animal cruelty, and that money isn’t everything.

Safe makeup tests are all made up – keep rabbits happy and hoppy, by committing to safe, humanely produced products and materials.




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