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10 Warning Signs You Seriously Need to Regulate Blood Sugar (and 2 Spices That Will Help)

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With the amount of sugar in our food today, it’s no surprise that so many Americans suffer from high blood sugar (hyperglycemia)!

You have to try and cut down on your sugar intake, but not only do you have to cut down on sugar filled foods, you also have to make a conscious effort to eat foods that will help balance your blood sugar levels. The easiest way to do this is to add specific ingredients to your daily water intake!

So, which ingredients will regulate blood sugar?

You may not believe it, but cinnamon and clove will help regulate blood sugar! Whenever I can, I add these spices to water or make a delicious tea.

I recommend adding the following to about 5 liters of water:


– 2 sticks of organic cinnamon (powdered cinnamon is not water soluble)
– 3 grams of organic cloves

Making flavored water like this is much easier if you make it in large quantities because the flavors and health benefits of both the cinnamon and clove will seep into the water. It’s also much easier to have this water mixture readily available so that whenever you’re thirsty, you simply pour a glass!

Cinnamon will aid in slowing down your body’s absorption of food, which will significantly reduce blood sugar spikes after you eat a meal. It is also known to promote your body’s ability to use glucose efficiently. Cinnamon is also known to be an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent.


Cloves on the other hand have the innate ability to lower the glucose in your bloodstream if taken on a regular basis. By inducing a process much like insulin production, cloves can overcome insulin resistance and inefficient glucose distribution, to thus balance blood sugar levels.

Together, cinnamon and clove process glucose better and are thus able to keep your blood sugar level in check, which is absolutely necessary if you’re trying to avoid diabetes. They also help to keep cholesterol levels low as well as decrease the triglycerides count in your body.

You can also try sprinkling a mixture of these herbs on the following:

– fruit
– meats
– stir-fries
– sautéed vegetables

Having at least ½ a teaspoon twice a day can help people with both pre-diabetic symptoms, and those already dealing with diabetes.


Incorporating ingredients like cinnamon and clove can benefit your health dramatically! I prefer putting these herbs in hot water so that it becomes a cozy and delicious tea. I purchased a loose-leaf tea infuser so that I can put the ingredients inside and enjoy a hot cup of tea easily, whenever I want… which is often because it is so delicious!

I’ve comprised a small list of symptoms that may accompany high blood sugar:

Mild High Blood Sugar Levels:

– Increased thirst (persistent)
– Unexplained weight loss
– Dry mouth
– Fatigue

Severely High Blood Sugar Levels:

– Extremely thirsty
– Blurry vision
– Light-headed
– Warm, dry skin
– Strong, sweet breath odor
– Loss of appetite

I wouldn’t recommend worrying if you are experiencing one of the mild isolated symptoms, however if you are experiencing a number of them (mild or severe) you may want to consult a family doctor as soon as you can.


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