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Removeez Product Review and Giveaway


I am a rough and tumble kind of gal with a three year old, so staying clean is a challenge in our household. It never fails that I end up with some sticky stuff or permanent mark of some sort that I can never figure out where it came from, so when Removeez contacted me to review their Removeez- Get Stuff Off Your Skin, I jumped at the chance.

What’s the Product?

Removeez- Get Stuff Off Your Skin

First Impressions


The company sent out a Removeez Sample and Demo Kit, which contained two bottles of Removeez, some band-aids, temporary tattoos, a sharpie permanent marker and a small container of tar, yes I said tar! Any company that sends out a test kit that contains tar must truly believe in their product. I can’t wait to try this one!


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How I used it

I covered myself with band-aids, temporary tattoos, sharpie permanent marker doodles and tar and let it all sit for an hour. I am giving this product a run for its money! From what I have read, it removes bandages, temporary tattoos, tape, tar, sap, ink, permanent marker, adhesives, wax, grease, and lots of other messy stuff. It even gets gum out of hair, but I am not testing that one!

The results? It worked incredibly well. Really! I thought by leaving the tar, band-aids, tattoos and marker on for an extended period of time that it might challenge the product, but no such luck. The product does exactly what it says, it will do ‘Get Stuff Off Your Skin.’ Two thumbs up from me.

How does Mother Earth feel about this product?


Mother Earth loves this product. For starters it is a cruelty free product, which always pleases her, and it contains no parabens, phthalates, or PPG’s. Her only suggestion would be to use glass instead of plastic for the packaging.

Is it a Healthy Product?

No doubt about it, Removeez figured out how to make a functioning product healthy! No parabens, chemicals or the like, just all-natural goodness. And you know you have come across something safe and healthy when you can pronounce all the ingredients!

How does this product impact my wallet?

Minimally, at $9 bucks a bottle for a product that works and is non-toxic, I say it’s a good deal.


Would I recommend this product to a friend?

Definitely, especially if they have kids and are crafty or outdoorsy!

Bottom Line:


4 1/2 stars. Removeez ‘Get Stuff Off Your Skin’ is a great product that works.



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