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Cancer Is Just One Of The 5 Reasons You Should Avoid Skin Bleaching Cream


Loving the skin you’re in has never been more important. Not only will this attitude be able to benefit your emotional and mental health; it benefits your physical health and more than likely will save your life.

While pressures from society can be persuasive in convincing you to modify your personal beauty, what follows in this below will point out the significant dangers that skin bleaching presents.

What Is Skin Bleaching?


The thought of bleaching skin seems a bit ludicrous, right? Well, unfortunately it is a common practice in many cultures. The way skin bleaching works is actually very simple.  Skin bleaching is the process of applying topical creams or soaps to the skin in order to decrease the melanin content in the skin. This decrease in skin melanin lightens the pigmentation of the skin.  

This process, while effective at its intended purpose, is incredibly dangerous to your overall health.


The number one reason to avoid skin bleaching is plain and simple. It causes cancer.  Almost all skin bleaching creams contain a variety of dangerous chemicals that have proven links to the production of free radical cells, which cause cancer.  Skin bleaching has been linked to multiple cases of blood cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer and most notably skin cancer.

Organ Failure.

When it comes to skin bleaching, it really is what’s on the inside that counts.  Although applying bleaching cream may seem like it only affects the epidermal layer, the truth is that bleaching creams and soaps effects go much deeper. Many bleaching creams and soaps contain mercury.  


When mercury comes into contact with the skin, it begins to accumulate in the body’s cells. Once mercury has accumulated in the body it can do major damage to your vital organs, such as the liver.

Affects Fetal And Infantile Development.  

Bleaching creams are a dangerous substance. However, they become far more dangerous if used by a pageant individual. Like drinking, smoking or ingesting medicines that are not specifically prescribed for you; skin bleaching can be incredibly dangerous for both the Pregnant individual and their unborn or infant child.   

Hypersensitivity To Skin.

Bleaching the skin exposes the body to a variety of dangers. One of the dangerous that is the most common (and hardest to avoid) is sensitivity to sunlight. When you remove melanin from your skin, you expose your body to ultraviolet rays from the sun in higher concentrations. This increased exposure will result in hypersensitivity and skin irritation.


Continued exposure to the sun, while experiencing skin sensitivity, can also lead to increased risk of skin cancer.

Spikes In Blood Sugar.  

As bleaching cream begins to seep into the skin, steroids in the bleaching cream come into contact with the blood stream. these steroids create an elevation in blood sugar.  Elevation in blood sugar levels can be incredibly dangerous, especially if the individual experiencing this spike is diabetic.

Remember, you are more than just a pigment. Bleaching your skin comes with a host of dangerous side effects that are just not worth its so called bents.


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