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The Surprising Health Benefits of Strawberries


Strawberries are one of the most delicious kinds of berries, especially in the summer when they can be grow locally in warmer weather. For anyone who already loves to snack on strawberries, you’re about to receive some great news; not only do strawberries taste great, they’re even better for you. Turns out that strawberries have some important properties that make them effective for helping diabetes, preventing cardiovascular diseases, and repairing cell damage in the body to keep you looking young. There aren’t many downsides to including this berries in your fresh summer salads, or making it a sweet treat to snack on in the afternoons. Check out some of the surprising health benefits!

1. Control or Prevent Diabetes


Despite their sweet flavor, strawberries have surprisingly low level of sugar For someone who has diabetes, this is great news because it means you can get the taste of sweetness without worrying about spikes in sugar levels. Strawberries actually have some of the lowest levels of sugar of any fruit, which makes them an ideal snack if you’re looking to control your sugar levels. The fruit is also great at regulating spikes that result from having artificial or table sugar in a coffee.

2. Repair Cellular Damage

Healthy living includes everything in your body down to the cellular level. The cells of your body are in a constant state of change as they grow, die and are renewed. Increased cell damage can cause you to look and feel older, so maintaining cell health it’s essential to maintain overall health.

One of the main reasons for cell damage is the presence of free radicals that lead to oxidation. Free radicals don’t always come from food; sometimes they develop through pollution and sun exposure, which makes it hard to control. While you can necessarily stop the presence of free radicals, you can decrease their effects by eating foods that are high in antioxidants.


This is where strawberries come in. Strawberries have such high levels of antioxidants that they can improve your body’s antioxidant level within half an hour of eating. That’s some pretty fast results.

3. Good for Cardiovascular Health


You probably don’t need to be told that cardiovascular disease is one of the most dangerous and rampant diseases in the world, with a pretty high mortality rate. With so many harmful foods in the world, eating right is essential for lowering the risk of falling victim to this illness, and adding strawberries to your diet is a good place to start.

Strawberries are very high in ellagic acid, which is a substance that can help control bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein). This LDL cholesterol builds up plaque in the arteries that narrow’s the blood’s pathway, and increases the odd of developing blood clots, or thrombosis. The ellagic acid of strawberries helps to decrease the level of this plaque. While the ellagic acid is at work, the antioxidants of the fruit work to keep chronic inflammation at bay.

In addition, the vitamins in strawberries help to control cardiovascular health in conjunction with the ellagic acid and antioxidant properties. The fruit’s vitamin C levels that are responsible for the strengthening of the blood vessels and arteries, while the high potassium levels work to balance electrolytes. The potassium is essential for maintaining a good electrical activity in the body which lowers blood pressure and keeps the heart functioning well.

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