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12 Signs You’ve Met Someone from Your Soul Group


Have you ever felt a strong connection to someone, a connection that was unlike anything you’ve felt before? Someone who you were drawn to, maybe even before you really knew who they were. This kind of feeling goes by many names: soulmate, soul friend, twin flame, to name a few. These are the kinds of people who surpass more than the definition of friend or loved one, it’s something deeper.

Have You Met Your Soul Group?

soul groupIf this kind of connection sounds familiar, then you could have just discovered your soul group. A soul group is a group of people who you feel in-sync with; like you know what the other is thinking just by looking at them, or can finish their sentences. Synchronicity, two things that are connected seemingly by chance, usually brings these people together on its own, but sometimes we can miss them.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a potential member of your soul group, or are trying to determine if someone you know is in your soul group, here are 12 things you should keep an eye out for.

Eye Contact

soul group


Making eye contact will feel natural with them; it won’t feel awkward and you won’t feel the need to look away immediately. It will be comforting, familiar, and seemingly historic.

Soul-centric vs. Egocentric

Fame, status, money, and glory will have no influence over your connection with this person, those are immaterial in this kind of connection. Things like conscious living, meditation, healthy eating, yoga, and environmental rights could be causes that draw soul connections together.

Constant Attraction

Soul connections are drawn together naturally, and it will be impossible to stop this attraction even if it becomes a distraction. The best thing to do is to form the connection, and allow both individuals to harness and channel their focus productively.

Synchronous Minds

soul groupYou and this person will have the ability to look into each other’s eyes and know when you’re thinking precisely the same thing at exactly the same time. Additionally, you will often begin talking at the same time and saying the same things at the same times.

Inherent Familiarity

This is the feeling you get when you just meet someone and it seems like you’ve known them your entire life. You share similar life experiences and form a bond because it is like you experienced them together. But, this reason alone is not enough to make someone a member of your soul group.

Energy Generators


Two members of the same soul group will energize each other when they are near and connected. They will fill them full of life, and can motivate them unlike any other person. They act as each other’s source of strength and energy.

Fateful Encounters

Most of the time, you’ll meet a member of your soul group at a point in your life when you’ll need them the most, or, when they need you.

Missing Time

soul group

You can spend a whole day with this person, even if you only went to grab a coffee. Time will just ebb away as you two just enjoy being in each other’s company so much that you won’t notice the hands moving on the clock.

Soul Mirrors

Two members of the same soul group will be able to understand themselves better by observing and interacting with the other person. These people are a reflection of your true self, and by learning things about them, you learn about yourself as well.

Reflected Lives


Two members of the same soul group will also lead similar lives in many aspects, and this will enable each person to learn and grow from the other, and to live more in-tune as a result of this.

Soul Nourishment

Devoting time and energy to interacting with a member of your soul group will be as beneficial as eating healthy and staying physically fit. They’re presence is the food your soul needs to rejuvenate itself and be in optimal condition.

Genuine Authenticity

soul groupMembers of the same soul group can and should be 100% themselves around each other—and it is 100% natural for them to do so whenever they’re in each other’s presence. These are the people who love you for your true self, and share their true self with you in return.

And there you have it, everything you need to look for in a member of your soul group. Now keep your eyes peeled, you definitely don’t want to miss a person like this.

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