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These 10-Minute Full-Body Workouts Will Burn Fat and Strengthen Your Body


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Working a full-time day job often makes exercising seem like an unreachable goal. Going to the gym takes time, which many of us do not have when we have to attend to a full schedule every day. Your nearest gym may also be relatively far from where you live, which means you will have to spend a lot of time driving there as well. Apart from the location of a gym, another common problem that people have when it comes to signing up for a gym is the fact that a gym membership can cost a lot of money, especially if you are a complete beginner and need the services of a personal trainer as well.

In addition to the factors we have mentioned above, there are many other things that can make a person feel unmotivated. This causes a person to give up on their dream of achieving a better physique and improving their physical fitness level. Fortunately, going to the gym is not the only way a person can become fit, lose weight and gain a total body workout. There are many workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home and many of these workouts don’t even require expensive equipment.

Why Workout?

Besides from the fact that you will have a lean body, you will have a healthy one! Working out has proven to be a very good therapy for many diseases and disorders. For example, strength training can help improve joint function for those with arthritis and prevent it as well.


With regular workouts you can even correct your posture, improve your immune system, mental clarity, boost mood and get many other benefits such as relief from back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

Why Do a Bodyweight Workout?

Well, a bodyweight workout is completely free! You don’t need any weights or any equipment, and it can be done anywhere. Also, the moves that you will be doing are completely natural. Your body will develop strength; you will cut weight (or gain muscle weight, depending on your workouts and diet) and build stamina. You can do everything that you previously could in the gym. Why waste another cent when you can do a full-body workout at home?

Full Body Workouts

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Before we start, you should know that just because this doesn’t require any weights or machines, this isn’t easy!

These workouts consist of four key movements: push-ups, sit-ups, jumps, squats. Everything that you see in some of those complex workout plans is made out of these four basic moves. There are many variations, but before you learn them, these are necessary.

If you aren’t able to make some of these moves, then perform an easier variation of them. For example, if you can’t do pushups, do bent knee pushups.

NOTE: The information below is important for any type of workout

Before you do a workout – warm up!


Your rest time between exercises should be set to a minimum. You can often see people at the gym talking for 30 minutes with someone, then doing 2 sets, then talking again. This won’t benefit your muscles, keep them contracted! Typical rest time between exercises should be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes! Typical rest time between cycles can be extended to around 5 minutes, but try not to rest for too long.

If these numbers are too short for you, set your own that you are comfortable with and start from there, then build up.

  • Full-Body Workout Number 1 – Cardio (Beginner)

As you can see from the title, you can set the tone of your full-body workout, so today it might be all about cardio, tomorrow it might be all about strength.

For cardio, here is what you can do:

  1.    Jumping Jacks (40 seconds) – 2 times
  2.    Burpees  – 2 x 10 reps
  3.    Side Lunges – 2 x 30 seconds
  4.    Jumping Lunges – 10 reps
  5.    Jumping rope – 50 seconds

Rest for two minutes and repeat the cycle.

  • Full-Body Workout Number 2 – Strength (Beginner)
  1.    Pushups – 3 x 10 reps
  2.    Crunches – 2 x 15 reps
  3.    Lunges- 2 x 20 reps
  4.    Plank – 30 seconds
  5.    Finally, perform another plank for as long as possible
  • Full-Body Workout Number 3 – Strength
  1.    Diamond Pushups – 15 reps
  2.    Bench Dips – 20 reps
  3.    Sit-ups – 20 reps
  4.    Russian Twist Sit-ups – 30 seconds
  5.    Squat jumps – 10 reps
  6.    Wall sit – 30 seconds

You should repeat these strength workouts three times! Rest between exercises: 30 seconds. Rest between cycles: 50 seconds.

  • Full- Body Workout Number 4 – Cardio
  1.    Jumping rope – (1 minute), (30 seconds)
  2.    Jumping Squats – 2x 10 reps
  3.    Explosive pushups – 10 seconds
  4.    Walkouts – 10 reps
  5.    High Jumps – 30 seconds
  6.    Jumping Lunges – 10 reps

This workout should be done once with only 20 seconds rest period between exercises. From Explosive Pushups, you should immediately go to Walkouts, no rest period!

It is important to do some stretching even at the end of your workouts! This will eliminate your muscle tension and help you recover faster.

After you have completed a set of workouts, you should opt for a cold shower. Doctor Mercola reports that cryotherapy, or, in simpler terms, a cold shower, has many benefits for your body after an intense workout. Firstly, the temperature of the damaged tissue is elevated and a cold shower will help to reduce the temperature in these areas. The cold water may also act as a pain reliever for sore muscles following a workout, and it will help to reduce your heart rate. Furthermore, the cold water will help to increase your body’s blood circulation and assist with minimizing the effects of inflammation. In turn, these benefits will help your muscles recover much faster.


Doing these workouts isn’t enough! You must change your diet and stick with it!  Also, these numbers may change. Make sure to write down your progress. When you feel you are stronger than before, and when the workouts start getting easier and easier, do more reps and change those numbers. It is all about pushing your limits. You can even change some of these workouts and design new ones. You have the freedom!

Hard work and dedication will be enough. Enjoy.


Sophie Addison

Sophie Addison

Sophie Addison is an enthusiast blogger and writer. She is very passionate about writing general health and fitness. She has posted articles on skincare problems, joint pain treatment, weight loss and woman’s health. Apart from work she likes gardening and listening to music. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram @sophieaddison23, and Twitter @saddison94
Sophie Addison

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