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10 Signs You’re An Alpha Female and Most Men Find You Intimidating

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The term ‘alpha’ in zoological terms refers to the dominant creature of their specific group. For years, the term ‘alpha male’ as it relates to humans has characterized a confident man whose dominance includes leading others while oozing in masculinity. Women want him, and men want to be him. He’s a man’s man, a hunter, a warrior, and a ‘real man.’ But today, there’s a new alpha rising to the top – the alpha female.

While some may view alpha females as bossy, manipulative and aggressive – that couldn’t be further from the truth. Alpha females are not only powerful and successful women, but they often find great success in leadership roles where they’re guiding the pack.

So what makes an alpha female roar, and why is it that men seem to find her so intense and intimidating?

A Stands for Alpha

In the Greek alphabet, Alpha is the first letter. What once was a term that referred to the first in a series of groups both literally and metaphorically, has since been used to coin socially dominant men, and now women. (1)

The role of alpha females tends to be more of a state of mind than an actual physical trait. But how she shows up in society determines her overall alpha attractiveness and power.

All-Mighty Alpha Female

Alpha females possess unique traits that make them stand out among the crowd. Key characteristics of alpha females are:  

  1. They know how to balance – Any alpha female will tell you that one of the key traits they’ve mastered is their ability to balance all quadrants of their life. From relationships, family, work, and education, balance is an essential alpha trait. In order to balance, they practice qualities including loyalty, honesty, and vulnerability in order to achieve maximum success.
  2. They are their own #1 fan – Alpha females are the epitome of independent women. These women are strong and know that the one person who is going to make everything happen for them in life, is themselves. They know caring for themselves first is the only way to support others.
  3. They live life unapologetically – Alpha females know what they want in life, and nothing is going to stop them until they’ve succeeded. Alpha ladies don’t have time to worry about others’ opinions, but they trust their own judgment without the need for further validation.
  4. Respect is more than just an Aretha Franklin song – When it comes to respect, alpha females set the tone. They not only treat others with genuine respect but demand the same in return. Respect is a way of everyday life, and alpha females don’t have room for anything less.  
  5. Their intuition is always on point – Judgement of character is a powerful trait to possess. For the alpha female, they not only trust their intuition when it comes to their own life situations, but they are great at reading others too. They can sense when something or someone is completely full of it without having to say or do much.
  6. Being a leader is second nature – Alpha females are born leaders. They aren’t afraid to take control and lead the way with poise and grace. You can count on alpha females to give their all in any situation, and they have no shame in bringing the pack along for the journey.
  7. They know their worth – One of the most powerful traits of the alpha female is their ability to know their worth. While many people rely on titles and objects to classify their value, alpha females know what they’re working with, and don’t settle for anything less than top shelf.
  8. They are not codependent – Alpha females don’t let romantic ties define them. They don’t need a romantic relationship in their life to feel perfect, whole, and complete. Not then, not now, not ever.
  9. They bring unity, not division to others – As alpha females make powerful leaders, one of their crowning traits is the ability to bring people together. By standing in their grace and power, alpha females encourage and inspire others to achieve their highest possibilities too.
  10. They are resilient – Even the most alpha of females have their moments. After all, they are only human, and everyone has times when they feel down and out. But what sets alpha females aside from the rest, is their uncanny ability to pick themselves up, dust off, and keep climbing higher. What some would call a ‘failure’ they call a ‘learning opportunity.’

Why Men Are Intimidated by Alpha Females

All strong, straight, alpha females desiring a spouse deserve (and need) a man by their side that’s her equal, her person, her partner, and one of her greatest supporters. Because alpha males are often a source of fiery passion, they tend to lack stability, making them surprisingly incompatible with most alpha females. (2)

As if dating wasn’t difficult enough already, males tend to be quite intimidated by the awesome alpha female and her unique personality traits. Alpha ladies challenge men, they aren’t afraid to speak their minds, and they make it known that no man is needed to fulfill their lives. Because of this, men often feel threatened by a strong, independent, alpha female. If only these men could understand how intelligent and sexy these amazing women really are.

Dating Alpha Females

If you’ve found yourself surrounded by men who catch your eye but they just don’t pull the trigger, it’s likely they’re not so much disinterested as they are intimidated by you. Most men when in the presence of an alpha female will display nervousness when talking to you, and often won’t spend much time talking about himself. (4)

So how do alpha females find the right partner to date? If you’re an alpha female, finding a match with the following characteristics may just lead to a perfect mate:

  1. Challenges you while uplifting and encouraging you.
  2. Can laugh at you, but also themselves.
  3. Doesn’t get jealous.
  4. They apologize.
  5. Treats you as an equal.
  6. Calls you out when appropriate.
  7. Listens to you.
  8. Has dreams as big as yours.
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