12 Signs There Is A Toxic Person In Your Life 

12 Signs There Is A Toxic Person In Your Life 
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By Emilyn Gil

Living with a toxic relationship can be frustrating and difficult, mostly because they can be hard to detect and sometimes even harder to let go.

However, a toxic person isn’t necessarily a bad person. This simply means that they have certain behaviors that are affecting your well-being in a negative way.

12 Signs Of Toxic People

Although not all toxic people will show all of these characteristics, these are 12 signs that can warn you of a possible toxic relationship. 

1. They Have No Compassion 

A toxic person will have a hard time empathizing with someone else or showing compassion toward them. Because they are so bent on focusing on themselves, they won’t notice another person’s suffering or give them the time of day.

2. They Are Bad Listeners

Instead of listening to what you have to say, a toxic person will constantly be thinking of what they want to say next. They may seem completely uninterested in what you have to share and will try to turn the conversation back to themselves rather than seek to understand where you are coming from.

3. They Always See The Bad In Others.

A toxic person will look for bad in others and judge even those they don’t know. They tend to look down on everyone and spread gossip about them. Rather than try to understand someone for who they are, they make their own judgments and refuse to believe anything else.

4. They Are Still Cliquish

It’s not hard to see someone who acts like they are still in high school, where everyone belongs in a box based on their outward appearance. Toxic people thrive in this community and have a hard time letting this mindset go.

5. They Are Always The Victim

No matter what the situation, somehow things are never their fault. In their head they are always right and the rest of the world is simply out to get them. Even if something is clearly their fault, they will find a way to place the blame on someone else, even if their accusations are ridiculous

6. They Are Constantly Interrupting

Everyone interrupts at some point. But most people will catch themselves and apologize. A toxic person will be so focused on themselves and what they have to say that they will forget simple manners and just speak over you. They are rude and clueless, and usually don’t care that you had something more to say.

7. They Constantly Seek Attention

Toxic people love being the center of attention. You can always spot them in a crowd because they make sure that you can. They are always looking to turn the topic back to themselves and will do anything to turn heads.

8. They Disrespect Everyone

Toxic people tend to have bad manners. They disrespect anyone who gets in their way, and won’t apologize for it. They don’t give other people a chance to be themselves and criticize them for anything that displeases them.

9. They Don’t Admit To Their Faults

A toxic person will convince themselves that they don’t make mistakes. No matter how much evidence is against them, they will always find you guilty and will never admit to having done something wrong. They often become loud and aggressive when arguing, and refuse to listen to anything that isn’t their point of view. You will rarely hear them say sorry because they never feel the need to do so.

10. They Boost Their Own Ego

Toxic people find every opportunity to put themselves above others. They aren’t afraid to list their strengths and qualities, or even make them up if they don’t have any on hand. If they can’t find a way to boost themselves up, they will seek to bring someone else down by pointing out their flaws instead. 

11. They Don’t Take Responsibility

This type of behavior can include not taking responsibility for faults, but also not taking responsibility in general. They will neglect certain responsibilities simply because they don’t want to do it, and then will make up an excuse as to why it wasn’t done or why it wasn’t their job in the first place. They will only do things for themselves and won’t admit to fault. 

12. They Are Abusive

Toxic people can be abusive both physically and emotionally. If someone in your life is causing you any type of abuse, it’s very important that you report this behavior to authorities. You deserve to be treated with kindness.

Fill Your Life With Good People

Often when you try to distance yourself from a toxic person, they will either tell you that you’re making a mistake and try to convince you that you need them, or they completely shut you out of their lives, acting as if it was their idea and they never liked you anyway.

It’s very important to realize that there is nothing you can do about how this person chooses to behave. Although it may be difficult or even painful to let them go, it is best to distance yourself from them and fill your life with people who uplift you and support you instead.

You deserve to be treated right, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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