24 Things That Should Be Used Worldwide to Make Our Lives Easier

24 Things That Should Be Used Worldwide to Make Our Lives Easier
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By Abbey Ryan-Elder

People are always looking for an easier, better way to do things, and if you can add a laugh in there, then you’ve struck gold. Compiling lists of tips, tricks, or random occurrences of good ideas and smart hacks just makes sense for organization’s sake.

So check out this list!

24 Random Facts That Will Make Your Day

  1. Some hotels come with a complimentary rubber ducky (2).
  2. You can take a DNA test in the US that helps you choose a different country to root for in the World Cup. Root for your roots!
  3. Some baseball stadiums have sunscreen dispensers in their bathrooms.
  4. In Germany, most shops and stores are closed for weekends and holidays, and during weekdays, they tend to close before 8. Because of this, Germany has 24-hour meat vending machines.
  5. There’s a coke vending machine that dispenses a free can of coke if you hug it (3).
  6. Did you know there are urinals with a protective guardian wall to keep splash from falling out on your shoes?
  7. There’s a bar that gives toys along with their drinks.
  8. There is a cat “manager” in a Japanese restaurant that greets guests when they arrive.
  9. When pet store workers let out a reptile, they put a sweater on it so it’s able to stay warm
  10. Some restaurants have taken to using metal straws in an effort to help the environment (4).
  11. There is a coffee shop that lets you borrow an umbrella on a rainy day and offers you free coffee when you return it (5, point “15”).
  12. Some libraries have started offering closed bags with surprise books inside of unknown genres.
  13. There are hotels that give you free phones during your hotel stay that are equipped with free worldwide calls and maps.
  14. Some workplaces have a white board above where employee used dishes are placed that keeps tabs on yesterday’s food waste
  15. A window in an airplane bathroom is meant to help people who have claustrophobia cope better in the space.
  16. There is a hotel that gives you a free drink at the hotel bar if you skip the daily room cleaning.
  17. A KFC Faraday cage cuts off your Wi-Fi signal so you can enjoy your meal in peace
  18. There is a disloyalty card that exists among a small group of cafes.
  19. There is a playground that has a sign-language sign up so that both hearing and deaf children can play together.
  20. There is a library with a “Recently Returned” shelf so you can check out what other people have been reading.
  21. Some hotel lobby chairs are shaped in letters, spelling “Hello”
  22. Some restaurants are well-prepared and fun, offering up band-aids when needed that are in the shape of food–like tacos.
  23. A cafe bathroom has toilet stall doors that fog up when occupied, and are clear when vacant (6).
  24. In a gym bathroom, there is a sign that reminds you, “Every squat counts.”

In the end…

A little bit of humor, advice, and intelligence goes a long way. Hopefully these points brought a smile to your face, and truthfully ought to be implemented world wide! What are some other things you’d add to the list?

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