45 Life Lessons, Written By A 90 Year Old

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Sometimes, the simplest words of advice can be the most meaningful. 

These are 45 different life lessons from a 90 year old, spoken simply, but emulating beautiful life truths and important things to live by and remember. Read through them and find the ones that stick out most to you. 

45 Life Lessons To Live By And Remember

  1. Growing old is not easy, but it beats the alternative — dying young.
  2. Something better will happen in the future.
  3. You should accept what you already have because envy is, without a doubt, a waste of time.
  4. You must dress up as well as show up, regardless of how you feel.
  5. Although life is not tied with a bow, it is a gift.
  6. You should yield.
  7. In case you threw your problems in a pile as well as saw the problems of others, you would grab yours back.
  8. Your kids get just one childhood.
  9. You should get outside on a daily basis.
  10. You should not audit life.
  11. You shouldn’t take yourself very seriously.
  12. You shouldn’t pay attention to what others think of you.
  13. No matter how bad or good every situation is, it’ll change.
  14. Although you should forgive, you shouldn’t forget.
  15. You should take the next step when in doubt.
  16. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer.
  17. In the end, all that genuinely matters is that you truly loved.
  18. You should choose Life, regardless of what’s happening.
  19. The most significant sex organ is your brain.
  20. Taking a deep breath helps calm your mind.
  21. You are in charge of your own happiness.
  22. Frame each disaster with the following sentence ‘In 5 years, will it matter?’
  23. It is important to understand that time can heal literally everything.
  24. You should be eccentric today.
  25. Keep in mind that it is not too late to be happy.
  26. Focus on what’s important to you.
  27. Get rid of what is useless.
  28. The best is yet to come.
  29. You should never get into a secret relationship.
  30. Wear the fancy lingerie, burn the candles, and use the beautiful sheets. Do not save anything for a special occasion because each day is actually special.
  31. Crying with someone else is more beneficial than crying alone.
  32. What does not kill you makes you stronger.
  33. Do not buy unnecessary stuff.
  34. Save for what really matters.
  35. Never compare yourself to others.
  36. Do not allow your past to screw up your present.
  37. Resistance is actually futile when it comes to chocolate.
  38. Everything could change in the blink of an eye. However, God doesn’t blink.
  39. You do not have to always hide your tears to prevent your kids from getting upset.
  40. You should stay true to yourself instead of trying to win each argument.
  41. Your family and friends will take care of you whenever you’re sick, not your job.
  42. It is okay to get angry with God. God could take it.
  43. You should always believe in miracles.
  44. Enjoy life since it’s too short.
  45. Even though life is not fair, it is still good.

What words stuck out to you most? Keep the words and quotes that matter to you the most close, write them on a sticky note, stick them on the mirror, make them your cellphone lock screen, place them wherever you need in order to remember them and implement them into your daily life.

Feel free to share with us any other words of advice you might have for this journey of life, we’d love to learn from you too.

Written by Sara Wylie


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