6 Habits of Highly Attractive People

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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” am I right?

Well, it’s true! Attraction isn’t only about looks. But I think we can all agree that there can be a certain initial magnetism that takes place when meeting someone new. While often we are at first physically attracted to someone, there is far more to this attraction than meets the eye.

Think of someone super magnetic. When they walk into a room, there is just SOMETHING about them.

Is it their body shape or maybe their smile? Or is it the way they do their hair or the color of their eyes?  On what terms are we really deeming someone attractive? Is it these physical traits that make someone attractive, or is there something greater that stands out underneath the obvious surface that radiates attraction? The truth is, when we put the notion of physical appearances to the side, there is something far deeper within people that makes them truly, authentically attractive. For some, these could be qualities that have the power of making them stand out in a sea of people just by simply BEING.

It’s likely that in a lifetime both men and women alike will have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours perfecting and beautifying our personal appearance. From new clothes, upgraded hairstyles and sweaty workout sessions at the gym, nothing can compare to the internal qualities and traits that mold the truest qualities that shape our attractions to one another.

So, what is it that makes these highly attractive people so noticeable and enticing? And how do you increase your sense of self to obtain the same highly attractive status?

Below are five habits of highly attractive people that are likely to increase your all-around attractive status to new levels.


There is not too much more attractive than someone who is their own form of self-empowerment. It may as simple as a routine that they are accustomed to from the moment they wake up in the morning, but it is evident that they have a purpose. Whether it be helping other people or doing something greater than what they are currently doing, their purpose and passion evidently drive them daily.


One significantly magnetic characteristic of people is having a growth mindset. This allows people to be in control of their own ability with the constant willingness to learn and improve. These habits and thought processes are an ever-growing cycle that over time set the tone for a person’s unique success.


Vulnerability and authenticity while understanding that people are simply human, flaws and all, but standing within them powerfully can be one of the most attractive traits in an individual. And even still after having the knowledge that we all make mistakes, they don’t shy away from who they really are and get to be. All while still holding space and compassion for you and me alike.


Everyone has their own set of goals, their own beliefs, and their own goals. When highly attractive people know what is important to them, for them, and what serves their higher purpose in life, they don’t stop or waiver from having things in their life be anything less than. They powerfully stand their ground and are unapologetic about not changing their standards and their truths to appease anyone else.


We live in a world where it is easy to get sucked into our phones, or technology alike. Someone who can focus their attention on being genuinely connected with you in conversation is highly attractive in all languages. They understand that connection is key to their relationships and honor the understanding of being PRESENT in all exchanges.

Most importantly and above all, the key to grasping your utmost attractive qualities comes down to owning the pure heart that you are. When you allow your heart to ooze out into the world coupled with being clear and content in who you are and the life that surrounds you, they’ll be no choice but for everyone to love you and embrace all the attractive qualities you are.

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