7 Things Your Period Blood Color Says About Your Health

Period Blood
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By Emilyn Gil 

Cramps, bloating, cravings, pant stains, acne, mood swings, pain medication and hot water bottles. All the delightful joys of having a period. If there’s one thing a girl learns from the dreaded monthly cycle, it’s to watch for signs that the period is coming soon and to be prepared with tampons, pads, and a good supply of chocolate. Of course there are plenty of apps these days that make the prediction quite a bit easier. 

But there are other signs that girls should be on the lookout for during their designated time of the month. Specifically, the blood color. 

The color of your period blood can tell you a lot about your health, and knowing what each color means can help you stay informed about when it comes to your period. Knowing the danger signs is also critical so that you can visit your doctor as soon as possible before any conditions become too serious. 

What Does Each Color Mean? 

1. Cranberry-red Blood

If your period blood is a deep, cranberry red color, good news! Everything should be in good, healthy condition and there’s nothing to worry about. Just stick to your regular period routine. Remember, there is never too much pampering when it comes to your period week. (1)

2. Pink Blood 

If your period blood is pink colored, or a very light red, this may signify that your estrogen levels are low. This is common for athletes, and especially avid runners. Studies show that vigorous sports, and especially running, causes the estrogen levels to drop. This is definitely something to watch out for because researchers have also found that low estrogen levels can lead to osteoporosis later in life. So if you find your period blood is a pink-ish color, it may be a good idea to speak with your doctor and receive further instructions. (2, 3)

3. Watery Blood With Very Little Color

If you find that your period blood is an extremely light pink with almost no color at all, this could mean that you are deficient in nutrients or that you have ovarian cancer. Fallopian-tube cancer is an extremely rare type of cancer however, accounting for less than 2 percent of all gynecological cancers. It is not very likely that you will have this condition. However, if your period blood is extremely watery and colorless, speak with your doctor immediately to get tested. (4)

4. Brown Blood

Brown period blood is typically seen at the beginning or end of your period. Generally this is not a sign that something is wrong. The dark color simply indicates that the blood has been inside your body longer; possibly from a previous cycle. The blood is brown because it has been oxidized, which gives it a darker color. (1)

5. Dark Red Blood Clots 

Blood clots have a jam-like consistency and are generally a dark red. These clots mean that you may have low progesterone and high estrogen levels. Most of this time there is no harm in blood clotting. It simply indicates that you have an excess flow that hasn’t been expelled and sort of piles together. If the clots are larger in size, however, or there are a large amount of them, it could be caused by fibroids in the uterus. If you do find your blood clotting more than usual it’s best to see your doctor. (5, 6)

6. Orange Blood

Orange period blood occurs when the red blood gets mixed with cervical fluid, giving it an orange color. This is generally an indication that you have an infection, especially if it has a foul odor. Make sure to check with your doctor as soon as possible if you notice orange blood while on your period. (5)

7. Grey Blood

Grey period blood, or grey mixed with red can mean two things. If you’re not pregnant it can signal that you may have an STD/STI infection. If you have missed at least one period and are pregnant, gray discharge can indicate a miscarriage. (7)

Good To Know!

Being aware of your body and what is normal. for you specifically, is very important when it comes to your period. It’s good to know what warning signs to look for in order to best take care of yourself and reduce the risk of letting a condition go too long without medical assistance. So keep these colors in mind, and don’t forget to give yourself a good pampering! 


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