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7 Things that Zap Our Energy and How to Recharge


exhaustedMany people tend to live their lives in the fast lane, dashing from here to there trying to get things done in the shortest space and time, and trying to find the best solution to stressful problems. They resort to fast, processed foods, which is one of the worst things you can do. It doesn’t give you the right nutrition and is about as far away from a holistic healthy lifestyle, diet, as you can get. The result is that you often run out of energy and end up feeling fatigued. Your metabolism suffers, and your immune system becomes depleted; you are in actual fact, putting your health further at risk.

Make way for some YOU time

You need to find room for some “YOU” time; time to listen to some of your favorite music; time to meet up with some friends and socialize; time to sit down and rest, and recharge those depleted batteries.

If you carry on running on empty, you’re just going to weigh yourself down. You will not only feel utterly exhausted, but your defenses will get so low that you’ll pick up every infection going; so here’s a few tips on how to keep those energy levels topped up., and get your holistic health lifestyle back on track.

Keep up your levels of hydration

Because we’re always on the go, far too many of us just don’t drink enough water. It’s very easy to do, because our bodies are not very good and sending out signals to remind us that we’re thirsty, until we become somewhat dehydrated. So this means that you’ve got to get yourself into a regime whereby you regularly drink fresh, natural, mineral or distilled water throughout the day; preferably somewhere between 8 and 12 glasses. This will help to boost circulation, which will in turn get fresh supplies of oxygen to your muscles, leaving you feeling stronger and more energized.

Small tip on re-hydration


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If you drink lots of coffees throughout the day, you need to be careful, because the caffeine can have a dehydrating effect. The more coffee you drink; the more water you should be drinking too. Why not switch to decaffeinated coffee?

The sugar trap

Beware the sugar trap: it’s easy to fall into. When you’re used to taking sugar, you can get become addicted to the sweetness. Knowing that it is a source of energy and being somewhat addictive, it’s very tempting to fall into the trap of eating sugary things to top up your levels of energy. The problem with sugar however, is that it is a simple carbohydrate, which gives you a short energy rush in the way of a sugar spike which is quickly and easily depleted, leaving you feeling exhausted.

If you check out the labels of any processed foods you might have in your larder, (naughty you!), you will see that many of them contain added sugar. It’s been called “the poison of our times” and by eating it you can actually end up feeling less energized. Try to get into the habit of weaning yourself off, and do away with processed foods altogether. Eat natural unprocessed foods without additional sugar. You’ll get used to it in no time and you will then be surprised how much better your food and beverages taste.

Sweetener tip

If you’re desperate for a “sugar fix”, try eating a little natural unprocessed organic honey instead. It’s so much better for you. Whole, fresh fruits are great too, and you’ll get a nice buzz from the fructose.

Don’t skimp on sleep

Most of us need approximately 7 or 8 hours sleep per day; any less and we simply underperform. Lack of sleep, not only means that you start off feeling fatigued, but it will also have adverse effects on your memory, can alter your mood (in a bad way), and can lead to increased risk of developing various chronic diseases such as heart disease and obesity.

Sleep tips

Start going to bed a little earlier and try to make this part of your regular routine. You may have to do a little rescheduling to make sure you get everything done during your day, but you’ll find it’s well worth while. If you have any problems dropping off to sleep, removing anything electronic from your bedroom can work wonders, as can avoiding drinking caffeine in the late afternoon and evening. You’ll also find that a little meditation just before you “hit the sack”, can get you into a more peaceful frame of mind.


Some people find that taking a warm bath works well, and others find that drinking a cup of chamomile tea helps, as can a little gentle neck and shoulder massage with some essential lavender oil. These are all great things to help you relax and make it easier to nod off.

Stress – the 21st-century disease

Stress is a real 21st-century disease and is the reason behind why so many people feel fatigued. When our bodies react to stress, they do so by pumping out Adrenaline and Cortisol; all part of the standard “fight or flee” reaction. The trouble is that stress can mean that your body is in fight or flee mode too often, and it’s simply draining.

Stress can also cause sleep problems. People all too often go to bed worrying about various anxieties which keep them awake.

Busting stress

Take a tip from the Ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic alternative medical schools and practice either yoga or meditation. Do both if you have time; – they are both great stress busters. Also, develop a regular physical exercise routine. This can help to create an endorphin rush, which is wonderful for counteracting feelings of anxiety. Another good tip is sharing problems, with friends. As they say; a problem shared is a problem halved.

Get outside

Many of us tend to spend too much time indoors where we are starved of sunlight and fresh air. Inside air is sometimes stuffy and often carries trace elements of various toxins from air fresheners and the like. Fluorescent lighting can also drain your energy and interfere with your circadian rhythms, which will disrupt your sleep patterns.

Outsider tips

Why not start of the day by going for a walk or jog? It’s a great way of keying up your energy. Also, if you work in an office environment, make sure that you go outside at lunchtime and soak up any sun and fresh air. The healing power of Mother Nature is not to be underestimated.

Don’t overdo the sitting down


Strange as though it may sound, sitting down can make you feel more tired! A sedentary lifestyle leads to muscle weakness, which means that it becomes more difficult to perform even the simplest of physical tasks. Although it may at first sound contrary to common sense, the fact of the matter is that sitting down is actually quite draining. It has also been linked with an increased risk of many illnesses such as obesity.

Get off that butt!

As we mentioned earlier, going for an early morning walk, or jog, can help to increase energy levels. The more you exercise, the more muscle tone you develop and the more strength and energy you’ll gain.

The accumulation of clutter

Having too much clutter around the home, and the office can stimulate feelings of anxiety and helplessness. Every time you gaze at a pile of whatever it is you are looking at, it just serves to remind you that you got something to do; even if that something is only clearing the clutter way.

In some ways, the ancient Chinese have recognized this and counteract it’s with their practice of Feng Shui. It’s a natural way of making sure everything is in its rightful place, and makes use of natural materials.

De-cluttering makes you feel good

Leaving clutter around is the first step on the road to hoarding. You’ll find that by stealing yourself to get rid of clutter, you will feel a sense of achievement, and if some of your clutter can be donated to various charities etc, you can also get an energetic buzz out of doing good. It actually gives you a sense of purpose, and purposefulness is positive.


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