A Heartwarming Video When Soldiers Surprise Their Kids After Deployment Will Melt Your Heart

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Many of us, especially as children and young, up-and-coming adults, tend to be ashamed or embarrassed when parents hug or kiss you in public. We have all found it annoying or otherwise undesirable at one time or another when this affection is showered upon us at all inconveniently. However, have you ever stopped to think that for many people the simple gift of a hug from a parent is a unique, rare, and wonderful moment, and perhaps you should be more thankful for it? Children all across the world who are the offspring of soldiers rarely get to see their parent, let alone receive a hug from them. They would do anything to receive something as simple as a hug from their soldier parent (1)

Some videos on the internet serve to satisfy your humor craving or cute craving, but there are stories out there that will tug at your heartstrings if you’re not careful. Few things are quite as powerful in this regard as the heartwarming reunions that occur between a soldier and their family. So brace yourself and maybe even grab that big box of tissues, because we have a video here that is a collection of some of the most precious of these reunions. (1, 2)

Video Of Soldier Being Reunited With Children

Watching numerous soldiers return to their family after an unknown amount of time away in this collection of amazing videos might leave you with a few tears welling up in your eyes. So often we completely forget how much someone means to us, how valuable their life is, and how much better our life is with theirs in it. We often don’t realize precisely how important some of our relationships are until they are gone completely and we’re forced to function without them. Missing someone is one of the worst, unexplainable emotional aches a person can go through, making reunions a truly powerful event to watch. (1, 2)

These particular soldiers returned home to surprise their children, and the intense love and emotion that occurs as a reaction to their return are both heartbreaking and remarkable. It’s altogether too easy for us to forget how precious time is to us since it is one of our only resources that – once spent – is impossible to get back. We forget to spend our time wisely or to treat the people we love with kindness when given the opportunity. You see, when our loved ones go on a “trip” called employment, sometimes we don’t know when they will return to us, or if it’s even certain that they ever will. That makes any reunion with them so much more powerful because it’s altogether priceless, and not something to be taken for granted at all. (1)

But why do our parents need to be deployed to receive this kind of love, adoration, and attention? Why is it so hard for us to simply not take them for granted? While once we might have been embarrassed when our parents kissed or hugged us in front of our friends, we should realize that each moment with them is actually precious since you aren’t guaranteed to have as many moments with them as you want.

Don’t let some fight, emotion, or disagreement be the thing that keeps you from having a relationship with your parents, and don’t wait to invest in them before it’s too late. If you haven’t talked to your parents in a while, just call them today. Visit them soon. Let them hug you and be sure to hug them back.

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