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Where You Break Out Can Say A LOT About Your Health

acne health
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acne healthWe don’t give our skin enough credit and all too often we forget that it serves many of the most important functions in our body. Much to its dismay we treat our skin terribly by using harsh cosmetics, eating junk food, and depriving it of water.

Not only is the skin home to many sensory receptors that regulate our response to temperature, pressure and pain, the skin is a shield to protect against harmful bacteria.

What else does the skin do?

Well, the skin actually acts as a translator for other organs in the body, communicating their issues using physical signifiers in the form of blemishes, rashes and breakouts.

Traditional chinese medicine as well as Aruyvedic practices have been using face mapping techniques for centuries to decode the underlying health problems causing regional acne breakouts. It’s about time we do too.

In the same way that prescription drugs act to treat symptoms and not cure root health problems, cosmetic acne treatments only mute the signs of more significant imbalances within the body. In order to stop the cycle of bad skin you need to recognize where your breakouts are so you can treat the underlying maladies.

Here are a few popular acne prone areas on the face and their corresponding internal ailments:

Forehead – Digestion

Although harsh shampoos can leave a film, clogging pores close to your hairline, consistent zits on your forehead are a sure sign of digestive issues.

Your stomach and bladder work to filter toxins from the liquids and foods you eat. When they are overloaded with poor quality fuel, the toxins stagnate in your system and disrupt the skins ability to regenerate surface cells.

Adding vegetables rich in antioxidants and increasing your water intake will help purify your digestive system and clear forehead breakouts.

Nose and Upper Cheeks – Heart and Lungs

Your heart keeps oxygen pumping to all areas of your body and most importantly to the blood vessels in your skin. Poor blood pressure or increased cholesterol will show up on your nose in the form of large blackheads and zits. One more reason to kick your smoking addiction is visibly healthier skin!

Healthy heart and lungs go well beyond the vanity of clear skin, so make sure you keep your blood pumping and your lungs clear with regular cardiovascular exercise and antioxidant rich foods.

Orbital Area and Eyebrows – Liver

Greasy, sugary and high fat foods like dairy and alcohol are known culprits for acne but more specifically these foods wear on the liver and leave the skin around your eyes struggling.

A late night binge of beer and pizza will no doubt have you reaching for the cover up. Avoid these saturated fats and sugar soaked liquids especially at night when the body normally works in slow motion.

Jaw Line – Hormones

This area is particularly prone to breakouts in women on account of hormone imbalances and will often mimic monthly menstration. Stress too can spike hormone levels, so one of the best ways to combat this problem area is with a simple brew of green tea. It is both calming for stress and contains powerful anti-androgens to balance hormone levels.

Ears – Kidneys

Not often considered a common area for acne, zits on your ears can be painful and difficult to banish. Too much sodium or caffeine is often to blame. Your kidneys act to filter toxins from your blood via your urine. By staying hydrated you can avoid a buildup of salts in the bloodstream and thus maintain a healthy circulation to skin cells.




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