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Rub a slice of lime under your armpit and watch what happens to unwanted odors


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Sweating is a natural process that protects the body from overheating, such as during hot and humid weather or intensive physical work.  Excess thermal energy is evaporated through the sweat particles which contributes to the cooling of the body (1)

The human body has a large number of sweat glands, but most of us are annoyed with armpit sweat. The armpits contain the most active sweat glands. Thus they emit sweat frequently, this sweat is enriched with lipids and proteins which leave their residue on clothes (2).


 Sweat is good; it contains chemicals that fight diseases (3). According to a recent study, the chemicals found in sweat contain natural antimicrobial properties (4). So, getting rid of one of the most important functions of the body, would not be wise. However, you can get rid of the smell that comes with sweaty armpits with proven methods from folk medicine.

Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis and can commonly cause excess sweat from palms, feet, face, chest and armpits (5). Usually, this type of extreme sweating doesn’t pose a threat to your health. 

However, it can be distressing and ruin social lives. If you feel as though you may suffer from hyperhidrosis, then don’t be afraid to ask your doctor to see if they can help medicate your problem!

Aluminum Toxicity: Your Deodorant May Cause Breast Cancer

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So we know that sweating is good for you. However, the smell can be repulsive and make us want to use deodorant which can contain toxins such as aluminum. It has been found that a large amount of breast cancer is found in the upper side of the breast, near the armpit (6).

This is why scientists have thought about the correlation between aluminum toxicity and breast cancer. 

Scientists also say that the deodorant actually blocks sweat glands, causing toxins to remain in the body and becoming potentially hazardous to our health.  Although more tests need to be done on the relationship between deodorant (i.e., aluminum toxicity) and breast cancer, it is clear that the risks associated with the two aren’t worth taking. 


Instead, find a great smelling, natural deodorant you can use instead, below!

Avoid Aluminum Toxicity: Use a Natural Deodorant Instead

To begin making this natural deodorant, simply cut a not-so-ripe lime in half, and then wipe each of the halves on each armpit. It is possible that after rubbing lime, the skin under the arms will brighten a little. Don’t worry, though, the normal color of the skin will be restored soon after.

Lime’s ability to combat armpit sweat is due to its acidity.  The acid in the lime juice helps reduce sweat production and can work as a natural deodorant. Additionally,  limes have strong antimicrobial properties (7), that eliminate those bad smells!

Remember, armpits are supposed to perspire; they get rid of toxins in your body. However, you can get rid of the body odor; just use a natural deodorant like limes. Or, if you are allergic to lime or just really don’t like them, then try this essential oil natural deodorant instead. Plus, if you have any limes leftover then you can make this delicious recipe, perfect!

Try these DIY Natural Deodorant recipes:




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