Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door

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Do you love tiny houses as much as a do? You will probably love this one then! With increasing housing costs and the trendy minimalist movement, tiny housing is becoming increasingly popular. It is time to get Amazon delivery on board.

This shipping container house made by MODS International can be ordered on Amazon and delivered to wherever you would like. All it takes is s few clicks. No joke, you can order it along with your new outfit, books, or whatever other goodies you may be shopping for.

The house is 320 square foot. No wonder it’s called a tiny home. The Appleton, Wisconsin based company is using a new sea container as a structural shell. Container home has been popular for a long time, particularly in Europe. The University of Amsterdam even has a dorm built of containers.

The tiny house can be placed on either a 12-inch concrete footing or a solid concrete slab. It requires bottom access sewer connection, and has side water and electric connections.

The house has a bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, a kitchenette, and a living area. As a bonus, it has a large patio to open the living room.

Looking inside, it looks simple and functional. With the right decoration, you can easily add some personality and make it homey.

It is perfect for a single person or a young couple who wants to save money. It is also a simple way to let your college-age children hang out a bit longer while giving both of your privacy.

The tiny home is fully furnished and costs $36,000.

Some commenters on Amazon pointed out that there is no window or door on the bedroom and there is no room for a flat screen TV. Some customers complained about only seeing a few pictures from a few angles only, which is not enough to buy a home. They’ve pointed out that the shower unit is not for people with limited mobility.

It is also important to note that extra costs come with ordering this tiny house. There is a flat fee for freight shipping at $4500. Laws differ state to state, and permits and building codes can be expensive. It may not be the right option for everyone depending on the state, budget, needs, and other circumstances.

Clearly, this house is not perfect yet. However, just the idea that you can order a tiny home through Amazon is amazing. It sounds like the future.

Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door

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Would you order a tiny house? Would you live in this or any tiny home? What do you think about the tiny home movement? Share your thoughts in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

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