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Amish Cabins: This Log Cabin Kit Can Be Yours For $16,350

DIY Log Cabin
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Living in a log cabin somewhere off the grid might be your idea of heaven. It seems so unattainable when you really get down to the financials of it. That plus the number of years you’d have to invest to build a place like the one in your dreams. That’s where companies such as the Amish Cabin Company come in. (1) In a globalized world with hyper-connectivity, the appeal of this seemingly off-the-grid living seems to grow a little each day. Other DIY structures include the ever-popular A-frame home, pole barns, garages, carports, gazebos, pergolas, and more. (5) It seems that the realm of DIY has really expanded from the early days of scrapbooks and scarves for the holidays!

Amish Cabin

The Amish Cabin Company is just one of many companies out there making affordable log cabins. They come fully customizable and can be delivered either prebuilt or unassembled for those of us more DIY inclined. The unassembled options make it cheaper but assembled is obviously move-in ready upon delivery. So it’s really a matter of what you can afford, what your timeline is, and perhaps most importantly, your building.

Amish Cabins: This Log Cabin Kit Can Be Yours For ,350

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Amish Craftsmanship

‘Several years ago, l wanted to build a cabin for myself, and when I came across these Amish modular cabins, they just totally captivated my interest,’ says Amish Cabin Company’s owner Linton Wells. ‘l struck up a friendship with the Amish and I have a lot of respect for them and I think they can tell that.’ After cultivating a relationship with the Amish craftsmen, he hired them to build cabins in their own facility.

‘The Amish just want to build a good product,’ Wells says. ‘They would rather lose money than sacrifice their reputations. I’ve seen them rip things apart and start all over again, eating all the cost themselves, because their character and reputation is attached to everything they do.’ (4) Wells says about half of the company’s cabins are used as primary residences while the other half are used as second, third or even fourth homes, overnight or long-term rentals, retail offices, and even one drive-through coffee shop. (2) There’s no limit to what you can do with a modular log cabin. The only limits are imposed by your own imagination.


The company’s 10×20 foot “Baby Boone” cabin cost less than $20,000 in 2014 and would make a fantastic holiday home. It would also make a great tiny home if you fancied it. (3)

Amish Cabins: This Log Cabin Kit Can Be Yours For ,350

These modular have all the amenities you need.  Good Home Design

A 2014 American Survival guide article on the company says that ‘the 14 by 28-ft. Appalachian 1-bedroom with 392 sq. ft. is $27,970 in a deluxe model assembled on site, but can be ordered in a basic non-insulated kit for $12,560’. Accounting for inflation, that gives us the prices below: (4)

Amish Cabins: This Log Cabin Kit Can Be Yours For ,350

Although it looks like the Amish Cabin Company is currently working on changing their cabins from standard modular log cabins to Amish-made park model RV cabins and cottages, there are many other companies out there doing the same thing. Additionally, there are many benefits of living in a Park Model RV that the Amish Cabin Company, which they have on their website.

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