Anxiety Disorders And Major Depression Are Linked To Narcissistic Abuse

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Anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental disorders today. Anxiety itself is not completely new though. Its evolutionary roots go all the way back to the beginnings of human history where survival in the harsh and unpredictable environment was the center of life. The flight-and-fight mechanism was a key skill to run from predators and survive harmful conditions.

Nowadays, nervousness, worry, unease and feelings of anxiety have nothing to do with running away from a bear, but the combination of small events. Anxiety has protected our ancestors and is still trying to protect us from everyday stress.

Anxiety disorders, as well as major depression and PTSD, are often connected to early-life stress that ends up having a profound effect on our lives throughout adulthood. In many cases, this early life stress stems from psychological and emotional abuse during childhood.

Psychological and emotional abuse can be more detrimental than physical abuse in a number of ways, leaving deep emotional scars contributing to super-sensitivity in your stress response system.

Those who have experienced emotional or psychological abuse as children will likely experience a multitude of life events as triggers. When their brain detects possible harm, this can trigger anxiety and major depression. It increases stress and can lead to adrenal fatigue as well.

Narcissistic Abuse 

Narcissistic abuse is just one of the many types of psychological abuses one can experience. Many remain in the victim-abuser loop without being aware of it for the rest of their lives.The cycle of narcissistic abuse, triggers, anxiety, and depression can increase your susceptibility to narcissistic abuse and make it increasingly difficult to explain it.

Narcissists commonly target empathetic and compassionate individuals who tend to trust and understand them. They may begin their manipulations by using their good-willing victims, making them trust and depend on them, and slowly make them feel smaller. Narcissists aim to lower your self-confidence. They always have excuses and the right response to skillfully get out of a situation when they may be caught.

If you question them, they will likely convince you that you are imagining things or you are the one psychologically unstable imagining things. Through their constant lies, they may convince you that you are the problem. You may even end up questioning your own ability to love unconditionally, your sanity and your morality. The truth is, they are just manipulating you.

Healing From The Abuse

If you are a victim of narcissistic abuse, your anxiety or depression can easily be feeding off of it. Being under constant stress, asides from mental health conditions can lead to adrenal fatigue and physical health issues.

Watch out for the signs of narcissistic abuse. Remember, narcissism is a mental health condition. Encourage them to get help. This may be difficult when dealing directly with a narcissist. Protect yourself first, and leave. Ask for support from friends, family, therapists, counselors, and coaches to help you leave. Therapy, counseling, and coaching, and even self-help books and a supportive community can help you rebuild your self-confidence, heal the psychological damage you’ve endured, create healthy relationships, and improve your anxiety and/or depression.


If you are or have been a victim of narcissistic abuse, or any form of psychological, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, know that it is not and has never been your fault. Getting out of a narcissistic or otherwise abusive relationship is possible, and it is also possible to heal from the damage it has caused. You can live a life of happiness with healthy relationships in your life and you absolutely deserve it.

Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? Have you been manipulated by a narcissist? What tips do you have for someone to escape such an abusive situation? Share your experiences and tips in the comments section, and spread the awareness.

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