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20 Things People with High Functioning Anxiety Can Relate To

Overthinking, persistent worrying and a constant drive for perfection are all characteristics of someone who has anxiety. 40 million Americans suffer... View Article

THC Makes Cannabis Ideal for Treating Asthma, Study Shows

For many , the idea of cannabis being used as an asthma treatment can feel a bit backwards. After all,... View Article

Cheaping Out On Your Phone Charger? You Could Get Burned- Literally.

They’re easy to lose, they get tangled in your purse, and they’re damaged quickly. If you were ever tempted to... View Article

Egg Recall: 200M Eggs Recalled Over Fears of Salmonella Braenderup

In the United States’ largest egg recall since 2010, a possible salmonella contamination has led Seymour’s Indiana’s Rose Acre Farms... View Article

“Drinking May Have Given Me Cancer. The Alcohol Industry Has Worked Hard to Bury the Link”

Stephanie Mencimer is a 47-year-old writer.  By all her accounts, she had taken the necessary steps to be free and... View Article

Why Barbara Ehrenreich Is Giving Up On Preventative Care

Do you ever feel like medical tests and screenings that are supposedly expected of you are just too much? Annual... View Article

Researchers say 3-day work week is better for people over 40

Feeling tired, frustrated and more frazzled than before? It’s not in your head; most people over 40 seem to be... View Article

Watch Out For This Current Phone Scam

Not too long ago, if someone stole from you, you wouldn’t notice right away.  Now, with technology so closely interwoven... View Article

Most Middle-Aged Women Are Having Trouble Sleeping: 9 Sleep Solutions

You roll over and open your eyes only to realize it is 3 o’clock in the morning. Great, you think,... View Article

Propranolol: Girl Becomes Second Teen to Die After Taking ‘Beta Blockers’

The recent tragic death of a teenage girl has been linked to anti-anxiety medications known as “beta blockers.” Now, from... View Article