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Jenna Barrington

Jenna Barrington

Jenna is a writer, entrepreneur and the CEO of The Hired Pen. She has been working as a freelance writer and blog manager for many years. Jenna has a degree in Nutritional Health Counseling and extensive training as a copywriter and in search engine optimization. She has always had a passion for writing and loves to create space for people to express their passions, inner thoughts and voices through the written word. Jenna is dedicated to providing audiences around the world
with high-quality content that is research-based, well thought out and designed to create positive impact. When she is not writing, Jenna loves spending time with her daughter and their golden retriever exploring the outdoors, eating at Asian restaurants, doing martial arts, or drinking milkshakes while watching comedies. If you want to reach Jenna personally you can email her at
Jenna Barrington

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