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Nick Meyer

After a long post-college stint as a professional journalist working late nights and eating out of vending machines, I finally decided to take control my health the natural way, and now I'm excited to share the latest health solutions, right here on AltHealthWORKS. I also invite you to subscribe and receive your free copy of my eBook 'Healing Secrets of the Amazon Rainforest' by clicking here.
Nick Meyer
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Cornell Student Who Took on Bill Gates, Monsanto Plans to Expose Their Agenda Even Further in Blockbuster New Project

The GMO free movement has reached dizzying heights in recent years, with organic food sales rising by $3.3 billion by last count,... View Article

Yale Study Finds Disturbing Link Between Vaccination Timing and Brain Damage

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Why Trump’s Decision to Study Vaccine Safety with A Controversial Activist Is So Important

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A Healthy Woman Is Given Chemo. Studies Reveal, This Happens to Millions. (Up to 90% patients with THIS type of cancer are treated unnecessarily).

A patient is Australia has reportedly been administered chemotherapy for six months — before the doctors found out she did... View Article

Activists Erupt Over Monsanto Plan to Build GMO Lab on Nation’s Most Sacred Native Farmland

While Monsanto is still finalizing its deal with the German agrochemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer, the company is still actively... View Article

U.S. Hits Record 4.4 Million Acres of Organic Farmland, (20% Increase). These 8 States Are Leading The Way

It’s official: The United States has just hit a new record high for amount of organic farmland. In 2015, record... View Article

Breaking News: Missouri’s Largest Peach Farmer SUES Monsanto Claiming MASSIVE Damage From Illegal Pesticide Drift

In the legal world, Monsanto is widely known as a legal bully prone to going after farmers who allegedly commit... View Article

2-Year Federal Study Confirms Link Between Monsanto Chemicals and Life-Threatening Liver Disease

While Monsanto does everything in its power to gloss over its dark history which includes the poisoning of numerous towns... View Article

Denied! Federal Judge Strikes Down Monsanto Claims, Orders Trial for Massive Environmental Damage to Proceed

Monsanto is known mostly as a GMO seed producer and agrochemical corporation, but few people realize just how far the... View Article