Body Language Can Reveal The Truth About Your Relationship

Body Language Can Reveal The Truth About Your Relationship
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By Sara Wylie

Your body language can say a lot more about how you’re feeling than your actual words. Especially when it comes to relationships or potential relationships, being able to recognize body language signals can be essential to knowing  how the other person is truly feeling.  

Body language can help tell you if things are going well, if the other person is comfortable with you and if they want to keep moving forward, or if they are uncomfortable, distant, closed off and not looking to make any advancements with you. 

The Unspoken Language 

Here are some common body language signals to be aware of when you are developing or pursuing a new relationship

When Things Are Fine And You Like Each Other… 

Lasting Eye Contact  

Eye contact is a major indicator to look for when you are seeking out or developing a relationship. If the other person is making eye contact with you and they hold that contact for longer than they are supposed to (and do it on more than one occasion) then that can be a good indication that they like you and are interested. 

Body Turned Towards You 

When a person turns or angles their body towards you, like during conversation, if they’re sitting next to you or when you’re walking side by side, that can be a strong indication that they are into you and want to continue engaging you. 

Leaning In

When you’re sitting across from the person and you notice that they are leaning towards you, or if you are both sitting on a couch and they lean your direction and also angle their body towards you, then that likely means they are invested in you and what’s going on. People will also subconsciously do this when they are experiencing happy feelings towards someone and want to look even more appealing or attractive.

Hand On The Wall

Men especially will usually like to appear bigger and stronger when around someone they are attracted to and this tendency may result in them placing their hand on the wall at shoulder level of the person they’re into, mostly to become a strong, bold presence in their space. 

Frequent Physical Contact

Frequently making physical contact with someone – whether it’s intentional or not – can be a strong indicator of attraction and care for another person. Even simple things like brushing their hair out of their eye, straightening a tie, brushing something off their shoulder, etc. can be signs of comfort and the need and want to be near the other.

Seek Out Shared Reactions

Have you ever started laughing at something and found yourself seeking out a specific person around you to see if they are sharing they same reaction with you? This can be a big sign of attraction and attachment and the want to have that other person consistently included in your life. 

Wide Smiles

Men typically stop smiling super widely when they are young, so if a man is smiling widely like he’s walking through Hollywood, that can be a sign he is experiencing genuine happiness around a certain person. Constant genuine smiles are common signs of comfort and joy in most people. 

Mirrored/Shared Gestures

When people are constantly spending time around each other and are into each other, they will start to subconsciously mimic the other person’s gestures and mannerisms to the point they almost become second nature to them as well.  

When Something Is Wrong And You Need To Communicate… 

Body Turned Away

If the person you are with is constantly turned away from you and not engaged physically in conversation, this can be a strong sign they are experiencing resistance towards you and want distance. They might not even be consciously aware they are exhibiting this behavior. 

Space Between You

When someone keeps their distance and constantly keeps to themselves, like when laying on a bed and they stay completely on their side of the bed and even turn their back, or if they’re sitting on a couch and never even cross the line in the couch cushions, this can be a major alarm that that person isn’t happy, isn’t comfortable or doesn’t really want to be there. 

Forced Reactions

When you’re with someone and notice that their reactions seem forced and unreal, that can be a very real sign that any interest they may be exhibiting in you is probably not genuine either. This can be a good signal that you shouldn’t waste your efforts and energy on that person.

Hands Constantly In Pockets

When you’re walking side by side with someone and they have their hands stuffed in their pockets majority of the time, and also never allow their hands to be available when you’re sitting side by side like in a movie or something, then that can mean they have no desire to actually take any further steps with you and don’t want to get physical with you. 

Body Blocks 

Body blocks can be things like crossed arms, crossed legs, lack of eye contact, etc. Body blocks are motions people will make when they are completely closed off to the person they are with and don’t want to let them in, not physically or even emotionally. This can be a sign that something could be wrong, that they’re upset about something, or that they have just decided they’re no longer interested in you.

Etiquette Fails 

Especially with men, when they neglect to show common courtesy and etiquette towards the other person (opening doors, letting them go first, etc.), this can be a sign that they are bored of what’s going on, aren’t invested, or just don’t want to be there. This can also manifest if a person is more interested in their phone than they are in the other person.  

Distance When Walking

When you’re walking with someone and they don’t really care to stay by your side, wait for you to catch up, or don’t bother to keep up with you, that can be a sign they aren’t experiencing any connection, don’t want to be there, etc. It can also ultimately indicate that the connection or relationship is fading or vital aspects of it are falling away.

Lack Of Physical Contact 

Just as frequent physical contact is a typical indicator of attraction and feeling comfortable with someone and wanting to show care, a lack of physical contact can indicate a certain distance and disconnect and can also be an alarm that something may not harmonious in the relationship. For instance, if the significant other tells the other that there’s a hair on their shoulder rather than reaching over and brushing it off for them, that can be a sign there’s something off. 


These are just some of the most common body language signals that people can exhibit when in a relationship or seeking one out. The red flag signals are by no means any sort of death sentence for a relationship, they merely mean that there’s some disconnect or something going on in the relationship that should be properly addressed (that’s when verbal communication can be key!).

On the other hand though, if the person you are interested in is exhibiting clear signs of engagement and attraction, then you know that things are off to a good start or are in a good place!

What other body signals have you noticed in your relationships that have made a difference in your communication with each other? Share with us, we’d love to hear from you.  

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