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The Real, Shocking Truth About Calcium Revealed!

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At Healthy Holistic Living we search the web for health news to share with you. This article is shared with permission from our friends at The Healthy Back Institute.

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened now!!!

Here’s the “this” I’m referring to (and why it REALLY matters to your health):

  1. Those of us here in the “natural / alternative health” world who research things closely WARN THE PUBLIC about health issues with certain medications… certain foods… or certain health advice that comes “highly recommended” from those in the “conventional” health world (most doctors, the FDA, the mainstream media, etc.)
  2. Those in the conventional health world kick and SCREAM that we’re out of our minds, don’t listen to us, we’re “quacks,” and worst.
  3. Maybe 3 years later… maybe 5 or 10 years later… in some cases maybe even 20 years later or beyond, research starts pouring out CONFIRMING what we here in the “natural / alternative health” world (who do our research) warned you about.
  4. And (most) of those in the conventional health world are super slow to change their views … and if and when they finally do they rarely if ever admit they were wrong! (And they certainly don’t apologize to those who revealed the truth who they called “quacks” etc.)

Beyond hearing me vent about this (and thanks for listening  ), here’s why this matters dearly to you

The conventional health establishment — the doctors, hospitals, FDA, etc. — has a very powerful “sway” over peoples’s minds, to where most people believe if they say it, it must be so.

Which means, with so much of their “good as gold” advice about pharmaceuticals… diet… and health advice, they can be putting YOUR HEALTH AT RISK.

Truth is, most doctors and other “experts” in conventional healthcare are good and well-intentioned people… but they are quite often DEAD WRONG about their recommendations.

Which is why, in short, you need to take back control of your health by educating yourself “from all sides”… and fight to keep that control!

And so on that note…

NBC Nightly News FINALLY (Starts to) Expose the “Calcium Lie”

If you’ve followed our (free) health e-newsletter for at least several years, you know we’ve worked hard to reveal that the typical doctor’s advice about why and how to boost your calcium levels — especially as you age — is not just wrong but possibly dangerous.

In fact, one of the few books I urge everyone to read for how powerfully (and positively, and quickly) it can shift your health and life is called “The Calcium Lie: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know” (and in honor of the news below, I am again giving it away FREE today!)

Of course, people who put their full faith in whatever conventional health says shouted and screamed at us for DARING to even suggest that the “Holy Grail” advice most doctor’s give about calcium was wrong!

Well guess what?

Check out THIS PRIME TIME SEGMENT from NBC Nightly News that just ran this past Tuesday:
Looks like we (again) may have known what we were talking about when we first started warning you about doctor’s common calcium advice (if I must say so myself!  

And truth is, this segment above is a small start… but it DOES NOT GO NEARLY DEEP ENOUGH to reveal all the problems related to the “Calcium Lie” or — most importantly — what you ought to be doing instead!

But this book DOES reveal all that for you: “The Calcium Lie” by Dr. Robert Thompson, M.D. (who was named “Physician of the Year”).

And again, when you click here today, you can get a print copy of this must-read book FREE.

And finally, please (please, please)… if you ever find yourself saying (or thinking) “Well, my doctor told me so, so it must be true,” get a second, and a third, and maybe a fourth opinion, preferably including some “alternative” sources.

It might just save your life.

– See more at: http://www.losethebackpain.com/blog/2015/09/30/major-mainstream-media-finally-exposes-the-calcium-lie/#sthash.Yr8jEF09.dpuf

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