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Candida Herbs for Prevention and Cure of Canidiasis

Candida Herbs for Prevention and Cure of Canidiasis
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By Tess Thompson

Candida or candidiasis can be termed as a modern disease since the so-called modern lifestyle is the main cause behind it. A lifestyle that lays more stress on saving time and quick recovery rather than a reliance on natural foods and self-healing is probably the main cause of high levels of Candida in the system. High levels of dependence on commercial foods, antibiotics and birth control pills kill friendly bacteria and weaken the body’s natural immune system, which in turn, invite conditions like Candidiasis.

Candida is the overgrowth of a harmless parasitic fungus, Candida albicans, which is present in every individual for gobbling away putrefied matter that remains in the intestines due to improper digestion.

Conventional allopathic Candida treatments are not able to provide a long term Candida cure. The most common drug used is Nystatin, a mold derived from fungi, which restricts the growth of Candida albicans and other molds. Admittedly, the drug does destroy the yeast. However, over time the drug becomes ineffective as Candida albicans develop strains that are resistant to the drug.

Prevention of Candida is always better than cure because once it colonizes the body, driving it out is a long procedure that may take up to a year or more depending upon the severity of the infection.

The ultimate source of the problem is the digestive system and therefore it is imperative that the digestive system be in near perfect health. Low acidity levels that lead to indigestion and improper bowel movements are the contributing factors that promote growth of Candida albicans. Any yeast infection treatment must address this basic cause of candidiasis. Candida herbs provide help in two ways – they help to keep the intestinal tract fully functional and strengthen the immune system as well.

-Garlic has multiple benefits. It counters fungal infections, stimulates the immune system and helps in easy elimination. It is also a powerful agent for killing parasites in the body and helps in regulating blood pressure. Eating raw garlic may be problem with some but it is equally effective if used liberally in your daily diet along with other foods. Natural garlic is the best but if you must use garlic tablets, make sure that they are suitably coated in a manner that the garlic releases deep inside the intestines, which is where it is required.

– Golden Seal, Oregon grape root and Barberry contain Berberine that can effectively combat Candida and its limit its growth. These herbs also help in digestion. Golden seal should not be taken liberally as it tends to irritate the liver. Periodic breaks usually help to overcome this problem. Golden seal can be taken as tea for treating Athlete’s foot, a common condition in fungal infections. However, pregnant women should avoid Golden Seal and Barberry.

– Licorice root is another herb that can indirectly help in treating Candida. It prevents sugar cravings.

– Chamomile tea stimulates the production of stomach acids to maintain the alkali/acid balance in the digestive system. It is most effective immediately before or after meals. Fennel and cardamom are good substitutes for chamomile tea.

A natural diet and herbs that keep the digestive system fully functional and increase immunity are long term solutions for Candida. If you already have Candida, it is important to facilitate cleaning of the digestive tract with increased intake of water and avoid constipation at all costs.

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