CATS: Having A Cat Protects Your Home From Ghosts And Evil Spirits

CATS: Having A Cat Protects Your Home From Ghosts And Evil Spirits
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If you own or have ever owned a cat, you are familiar with the phenomenon of your kitty friend “seeing ghosts.”

Cats seem to universally react to forces their owners don’t seem to see. We often catch them staring into blank spaces, tails bristling, chattering or meowing uncomfortably before maybe even doing some laps throughout the household to chase their invisible subject of interest.

For the most part, we tend to find the behavior amusing and adorable. We treat it with light hearts, laughing off their paranoia. Even popular internet comic artist (and owner of two cats) Adam Ellis has created some hilariously relatable spreads capturing the experience in all it’s casual glory. (1, 2)

While your kitty’s “ability” to commune with the unknown may be largely treated as a joke, what if there was a little more to it than that?

Cat’s And Their Protective Powers

After all, for centuries cat’s have been widely regarded as the familiars of witches. Black cats are unfortunately considered signs of bad luck and misfortune because of their close association with magic and other dark arts. While anyone should be wise enough to realize that fur color doesn’t make these midnight-coated felines any less lovable than any other furry companion, what if the belief that they are tied to something greater wasn’t altogether false?

Cats, not just black cats, can be linked to some pretty fascinating occurrences. Investigators have linked the particular frequency of a cat’s purr to the promotion of bone density and overall healing within the cats own body, (3) and such effects might just rub off on us as well. Holding and stroking your cat while it purrs is often thought to destress and relieve feelings of anxiety in the owner. You might say that the sound and vibration of your cat’s purr dispels negative energies that may be rooted in you or in the space around you. Different modes of clearing blocked or negative energies in self and space include burning sage or incense, or attuning clear frequencies with singing bowls or tuning forks. The soothing vibration of your contented kitty may be having the same effects.

Cats are famous for their hyper sensitivity to their surroundings (hence the “seeing ghosts” legend), and like horses, dogs or other animals, their nuances and behaviors may be able to give us insight into the state of our surroundings.

The “Evil Eye”

One thing in particular they may help us be aware of, and may even help us repel, is something many cultures call the “evil eye.” The evil eye is a curse of sorts, usually caused when someone holds malevolent thoughts towards you. (4) To counteract the evil eye and avoid the misfortune thought to be bestowed by it, several cultures use talismans mimicking its gaze.

Your cat’s bright-eyed stare has been thought to have the same repelling power! Their seemingly all-seeing eyes could be as protective against malicious energies as any evil eye talisman.


If you’ve been in an argument, feel like you may have made a new enemy, or simply have had a long and stressful day, be sure to get home to your feline companion quick. Their contagious purrs of well-being will put your mind at ease, while their watchful gaze will guard you from evil.

Written by Zoe Freeman

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