Chia Seeds

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by Yvonne St.Pierre (Sanford, ME 04073)          

I am a 72 year old woman, I tried chia seeds about six months ago. I love them and they are part of my daily intake. I find that I feel better taking them but not sure if I’m doing it right. I tried taking dry and did not like that, I have added them to juice,milk,and water and the only juice that worked was tomato juice. The problem with that was too much acid, what I did find was that if I took them with some yogurt and they were very good.
I am not sure if I am taking too much. Is there too much? I take a coffee scope in my yogurt and then drink water, is this OK?    


chia seeds caused abdominal bloating and frequent urination (April 12, 2010)

by Sisi                

I started taking chia seeds (good quality seeds) about a week ago. I was taking a tablespoon followed by a tall glass of water twice a day.  I have had a lot of abdominal bloating since I began to take them and frequent urination…..I just can’t stop peeing. 
Did anyone else have a similar experience?  Just yesterday I decided to try another method and soak my chia seeds in a glass of water overnight so that I can drink them in the morning and I still have abdominal bloating and frequent urination.  Will the abdominal bloating subside with time? and will the frequent urination subside as well? Also I must say that I’m not having full bowel movements as I should be….I thought chia seeds are supposed to help with that.  I’d love some feedback…thx   


Chia Seeds and IBS

by Julia  (Iowa)          

I have had IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, for years and was having a prolonged bout of it.   I heard about Chia seeds for my weight loss program and started using them.   And within a week my IBS is in remission.  Wow.  I usually eat immodium like candy and haven’t had to take any.  So this unexpected benefit has me thrilled.  And I have lost 2 pounds more this week, but I am dieting, and haven’t been having an issue with excessive hunger.  All in all I was skeptical at first, but very pleased with the results.   


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