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3 Simple Ways to Give Your Child a Strong Immune System For Life

3 Simple Ways to Give Your Child a Strong Immune System For Life
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As a mother of a newborn baby, there is nothing more important to you then protecting your child and making sure they grow up safe, happy, and healthy. You more than likely go out of your way to make sure your baby gets proper rest, east the right foods, and has loads of brain stimulating activates to enjoy. However, you have to ask yourself: am I doing enough to make sure my little one is healthy?

What follows below will explain how you can help improve your child’s immune system’s development using 5 simple tricks you might never have thought of.

Sheep Skin Bedding

While sleep is an important part of your child’s development, where your child sleeps could pa just as big as a role in their development as the act of sleeping itself. A recent study from Germany found babies who sleep on animal fur (such as sheep’s skin) for the first three months of life are almost 80% less likely to have asthma when they’re six years old.

This research show similarities to previous studies findings focused on the health development of children with non-hypo allergenic pets at a young age. The findings in these past studies suggest that children who have grown up with pets are far less likely to develop asthma and allergies because the microbes in animal skins help to build up a stronger immune system.

Proper rest allows for your child’s brain to grow and form new neurological pathways that help your child learn and master new and important skills.

Make Them Proficient In Probiotics

Prevention will always be better than a cure. Instead of waiting until your baby is already suffering from the sniffles and in need of anti-biotic, try feeding them (once able to try new foods) foods that are high in probiotics. These good bacteria will not only help your child develop a strong and health gut, they will also help boost your little ones immune system.

Probiotics do this by supporting your immune system in the fight against bad bacteria and food contaminants. In addition to these amazing health benefits probiotics also help reduce the chances of them developing eczema and allergies, according to research carried out at the Swansea Baby Trial.

Get Your Only Sunshine Some Sun

As your child develops vitamins will be an important part of their growth. To make sure your child gets all the vitamins they need; make sure to get them the most important nonfood based vitamin, vitamin D. Vitamin D is obtained through sunlight and provides the body with the ability to better absorb calcium helping with bone and teeth development.

Infants 6 months and older who are breastfed can receive their vitamin D in a supplement form. You should try to get them about 7-8.5 micrograms of vitamin D a day.

With these 3 tips, you can make sure your baby grows into the wonderful, strong, and healthy adult you are raising them to be.

Source: http://www.motherandbaby.co.uk/baby-and-toddler/baby-and-toddler-health-advice/5-surprising-ways-to-boost-your-baby-s-immune-system



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