The Path You Pick Reveals Your Personality and Future

The Path You Pick Reveals Your Personality and Future

Congratulations! You are on the road trip of your dreams to a destination only you know. But if you had to make a pitstop along the way, where would you go? 

Here’s how the quiz works: Choose a mid-trip destination from one of the picturesque options above and then scroll down to see what your mid-trip destination reveals about your personality and future!

The Path You Pick Reveals Your Personality and Future

Have your choice ready? Great! Now scroll down to the corresponding picture. 

1. The Strategist


You are a forward-thinking realist who values strategy as much as you value other important things in life, like the people in your life or work success. A pit stop at a nice restaurant would be great, but you understand that life isn’t about fleeting gains. This little breather will ensure the most scenic route for the rest of the drive ahead – and, in turn, earn you the praise and appreciation of your family and friends. 

You can be stubbornly goal-oriented, but your goals are always achievable, realistic, and beneficial for everyone in your social network. You are also gifted at reading others, which naturally means that you are good at influencing others to achieve your aims. 

Your future holds great promise. Just remember not to get caught up in persuading others to see things your way!

2. The Motivator

You are a natural leader and a terrific motivational speaker. You have an optimistic, idealistic attitude, and you can be spontaneous, though you are not afraid to admit when your plans go wrong. After all, life is not about getting the details exactly right, but rather, inspiring and helping each other to achieve goals that might seem impossible but really aren’t, like getting to see this beautiful mountain under the stars. The photograph doesn’t show a walkable pathway to these mountains, but there could be a road just out of the frame, for all you know.

You can be confident, cunning, and capable whenever it benefits you, but your intention isn’t to intimidate your shyer colleagues. You should be able to find success in leadership positions in work and life, so long as you take care not to give unsolicited help or advice!

3. The Perfectionist


You are an open-minded idealist, but you would never neglect the facts when it comes to taking risks. Yes, your boat ride could be dangerous or lonely. But then again, your boat is probably big enough to fit your friends, family, and a tour guide, just like the tour boat cruising ahead of you.

You are adventurous but careful; independent but deeply caring about others. A versatile leader and team-player, you have a knack for calculating risks, multi-tasking, and weighing all your options. But remember that you don’t have to account for every variable in your life all the time. By giving yourself some room to breathe, you’ll be able to achieve work and relationship success without burning out from the small failures along the way.

4. The Specialist

You have a practical, pragmatic approach to life. As a result, you are highly adept at prioritizing your time and effort to suit your needs. You are great at filling in gaps, whether that involves making up for a past mistake or developing a new skill (i.e. just the right skill) to steer your life or career in the direction you desire. It’s just simple math: Of all the picturesque pitstops, this one provides the easiest, shortest, and the most straightforward path to a good reward. You’ll be dipping your feet in a gorgeous beach at sunset by the time someone else is trying to climb a mountain at night or struggling to catch a boat on the Mediterranean.

You have a natural talent for identifying and making up for your weaknesses with precision, and you love to bolster your strengths until you are the very best. Why bother trying to be a jack of all trades when you can be the master of one (or a few)? You are probably already successful in the field of your choice or on your way to smashing success – but do try to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new every once in a while, especially when life starts to feel boring or uneventful.

5. The Critic

You are a curious, deductive realist and an insightful scholar – and chances are, everyone knows it. You probably can’t help reading the latest news, contemplating the validity of people’s opinions, and getting distracted by anything and everything. You might have chosen this photo, simply because you have a million questions about it: Is that fog, cloud, or smog covering the bridge? Is it early morning or evening?  Is it even the Golden Gate Bridge, or a similar red bridge towering over another city outside of North America?

You have a thirst for knowledge, whether in your chosen field or for random trivia, and you might do very well as an academic, expert, or a quiz-show contestant. But whatever your decision, make sure to set aside some time to have some chill, relaxed fun with the people you love every once in a while instead of having incisive debates about today’s politics in your head.

6. The Visionary

You are an imaginative person, and you work hard to make your creative dreams come true. You are a bold decision-maker who is not afraid of taking large risks, and your impressive work ethic ensures that you are often successful in your endeavors. A pitstop in the Mediterranean? Why not? You’ve had crazier dreams before, and your detailed planning ensured you got something out of your efforts, if not your primary goals. The spectacular, open sea is as vast as your potential.

You are an intuitive thinker, and you give your best to every project you work on. You might even end up overworking and biting off more than you can chew in an effort to fulfill your goals. Just remember to slow down every once in a while and get friends, work partners, and family onboard your amazing plans. They may be happy to help, if you will let them.


7. The Philosopher

You are a deep, introspective thinker, and not afraid to acknowledge and challenge your own deepest flaws in the process of becoming a better you. You understand that the most inspiring, profound, and beautiful experiences in life come from the journey, not the destination – and all its challenging, unexpected turns, much like this impressive road through a foggy, wooded mountainside.

Overall, you are an insightful, realistic observer and a careful analyst who checks every calculation twice. Just remember to share your findings with your work colleagues more often – and explain your thoughts clearly,  step-by-step. We all want to benefit from your logic and wisdom, but we don’t live inside your head!


8. The Architect

You are an inventive “ideas person” – and you have both the drive and the creative mind with which you can flesh each out to a comprehensive whole. While you’re not always the writer or producer of your work, you have an eye for direction, editing, fact-checking, tone, and consistency that makes you an invaluable member in any work or study environment. A busy seaside city full of people, nature, and architecture of all kinds is exactly where you would want to stop by to entertain your innovative mind.

You love working with complex, abstract concepts, sometimes to the point of not getting much done. For every page of writing or homework, you probably have five pages of rough notes and thoughts. Look out for a field that can put your imaginative and nitpicky mind to good use, and remember to write down all your ideas!

What did your choice say about you? Share with your friends!

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