5 Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

5 Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation
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As you’re reading this, your circulatory system is hard at work keeping up the flow that keeps you alive. Its work experience is vast. Some would say it’s lifelong.

By perpetually pumping up to five liters of blood, your circulatory system keeps your organs working at optimal condition, delivers nutrients, manages pH levels, and basically helps out with almost every bodily function.

Like a city’s infrastructure, it also needs to be regulated, patched up, and receive preventative care.

How can you check up on a part of your body whose whole purpose is work without you noticing it?

First, let’s begin with what makes poor circulation. Everyone, regardless of age, can have poor blood circulation, so we must routinely check up on it. Poor circulation limits your body’s ability to transport blood to your extremities and organs, keeping them fit and strong.

Certain factors can stress out your blood circulation. Smoking, weight gain, pregnancies, and eating disorders can all increase the likelihood of sabotaging the performance of your blood circulation.

If you ignore your circulatory system’s health you might opening yourself to the possibility of seriously damaging your kidney, brain, heart, and limbs.

So, what can symptoms should you keep an eye out for?

5 Symptoms to Look Out For

1. Cold Hands and Feet

Your circulatory system should keep a healthy flow of blood to your extremities. This in turn, should help you maintain a comfortably warm temperature.

Poor blood circulation hinders your ability to warm yourself up, resulting in that uncomfortable feeling of having perpetually chilly feet. So if you’re always cold, you might have health issue.

2. Cognitive Performance

Brainpower requires quite a bit of blood to function at top capacity. Approximately 20% of your total blood circulation is fed to the blood vessels in your brain.

Look out for dips in long and short term memory, poor performances often reflect poor blood circulation.

3. Lack of Appetite

Your liver also uses a vast amount of blood to regulate and promote a healthy metabolism, immune system, and store nutrients in your body. When deprived of the ideal blood flow, these functions begin to suffer.

If you notice you have a reduced appetite, are filling up with really small meals, or you’re losing weight rapidly, your culprit might be a bad blood circulation.

4. Fatigue

Blood is the primary way your body carries the necessary fuel to your limbs and organs. If they stop receiving the best levels of oxygen and nutrients, the have to sacrifice performance in order to keep on functioning.

If sore muscles and lack of breath become staples of your day-to-day life, start paying attention for more symptoms of poor blood circulation.

5. Varicose Veins

Lack of proper blood flow and pressure are not the ideal work conditions for your arteries. This physical strain causes your veins to twist and swell just beneath your skin.

This is a very visible symptom of poor blood circulation, and it normally forms near your feet and ankles.

Having poor blood circulation is not the end of the world. I’ve found ways to treat it holistically.


5 Warning Signs of Poor Blood Circulation

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