How The Colors Of The Rainbow Can Help Heal Inflammation (And Other Amazing Physical Effects)

How The Colors Of The Rainbow Can Help Heal Inflammation (And Other Amazing Physical Effects)
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Colors are not passive components of our lives. They play a dynamic role in the way that they present and arrange themselves around us. It may sound silly, but the science of color therapy has a real role to play in our feelings, moods and emotions. Colors are really just the result of how our eyes interpret different wavelengths of electromagnetic energy. The colour that we see is part of the visible spectrum of white light, as it is reflected back to us through the eye.

A preference for certain colors can tell a lot about a person, and the tendency towards certain pigments can reveal things about a person’s lifestyle and emotions.

Check out what your color preferences say about you!

Color Spectrum Chart


Red brings warmth, energy and stimulation to a room, which makes it no surprise that restaurants will use it to entice customers to eat, and people tend to be attracted to anyone wearing the color red. Red has been found to energize the heart, and revitalize the bloodstream, which lowers blood pressure.

If you like red: Red is associated with passion, love and sex, as well as strength and power. People who like red have a great need for persona freedom and adventure.

If you hate red: People with an aversion to red may be over-active and impulsive with a tendency towards aggression and seeking out danger.


Orange is a warm, cheerful and non-constricting color, so it has a freeing action on the body and mind. Orange stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm, and can inspire new ways of thinking. .

If you like orange: You’re a warm, sociable and dynamic person. People who like orange dedicate themselves wholly to whatever they set their mind to.

If you hate orange: People who dislike orange may have suppressed feelings, and a difficulty admitting to sexual feelings. You may tend to be a little over-indulgent or materialistic.


Yellow is a stimulating color that helps to awaken mental inspiration and positive energy. Yellow can encourage vitality and a will to live.

If you like yellow: Yellow is the color of cheer and optimism, which are things that you embody. People who like yellow tend to have a desire to travel and communicate with other people, and be much better at being flexible than other people.

If you hate yellow: You often try to rationalize feelings and bury your emotions, to avoid being hurt by relationships.


Green is the color of nature and earth, and symbolizes balance and harmony. It has a natural soothing influence on the body, while bringing a calm energy. Green tends to stimulate hormone balances, and even out inner emotions.

If you like green: You have a dislike of conflicts and tend to seek harmony in everything you do. People who like green have a longing for a safe home and simple family life.

If you hate green: You are independent and reliant on yourself. You know you are the best person to trust in any situation.


Blue is a cooling, electric astringent, which means it calms down the body and soothes suffering. It can calm down inflammations and high fevers, and encourages non-aggressive behaviours.

If you like blue: People who like blue are faithful and loyal. They like to keep a distance from tough situations, but they give good advice and value taking

If you hate blue: You may be a strong career-oriented person, with the discipline to make it happen. You shy away from emotional, passionate connections, and make your decisions based on reasoning.

Violet/ Purple

Purple is the color of elegance and transformation. Purple soothes emotional stress and helps to revitalize the body from feelings of melancholy and despondence. Purple is the color of meditation, detoxification, and inspiration.

If you like purple: You tend to approach situations with an air of reservation and mystery. You are a soft and sensitive person, and you pride yourself on being able to see what other people cannot.

If you hate purple: You have a more serious attitude towards life, and you find it difficult to give much credence to daydreams and fantasies, although you may wish you could. You have a tendency to reject things you find unnatural, or unrealistic.


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