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Condoms That Change Color In Contact with STD Win Tech Award

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Sex is the basis for human existence. Let’s face it, without it, none of us would be here. It is a wonderful and enjoyable activity that helps people bond and strengthen relationships all around the world. But, it can also lead to disease. That’s why when engaging in sexual activity it is important to practice safe sex. Proper practices are essential for everyone actively participating in sexual relations. Most of us are in middle school or high school when we receive formal sex education and what constitutes safe sex.

Condoms Are A Great Way To Practice Safe Sex

Of the many options for safe sex, condoms might be the most common. They’re cheap and widely available at a variety of stores. Condoms provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and prevent pregnancies 98% of the time when used perfectly. (1)

However, condoms themselves are not perfect. Despite having a remarkably high level of success in preventing the spread of STDs when used properly, there is always a chance that your partner can still infect you with a disease that they are carrying.

Unfortunately, people sometimes lie to their partners about whether or not they actually have any sexually transmitted diseases. This means that you might contract an STD from someone who told you that they were otherwise clean. The whole scenario can make the idea of sex scary, and it shouldn’t be. More likely than a deceitful partner, however, is an asymptomatic carrier unknowingly able to pass on a disease to a partner.

If only there were a way for people to be able to find out if their partner was carrying a sexually transmitted disease so they didn’t have to take their word for it. It turns out a new type of condom might be able to assist with determining if your sexual partner is carrying an STD.

An Evolution In Condoms

Three teenage boys from the Isaac Newton Academy in England came up with a brilliant yet simple idea for a new type of condom that will help detect if your partner has STDs. Here’s how it is set to work according to the Washington Post: “There would be antibodies on the condom that would interact with the antigens of STDs, causing the condom to change colors depending on the disease. For instance, if the condom were exposed to chlamydia, it might glow green — or yellow for herpes, purple for human papillomavirus and blue for syphilis.”

The teenagers that created the concept were only ages thirteen to fourteen at the time they hatched their idea. That’s a lot of brain muscle for a group of boys so young, and others thought so too! The trio won the first place prize at the 2015’s U.K.’s TeenTech Awards, which gained them needed exposure to circulate their idea. In fact, Time Magazine reported they were already approached by condom manufacturers.

The Future of Condoms

Looking ahead, these condoms seem to have a bright future. However, it might be quite a while before these new types are available. Numerous concerns have been raised on how the proposed condoms work.

These concerns include, but are not limited to:

  • Would the condom be able to detect STDs on both the user and the partner?
  • What would happen if the condom detected more than one STD?
  • What happens after you detect an STD?
  • What if the party involved is color blind?

There are other concerns that will surely be addressed in the coming years until the prototype of these color changing condoms is perfected. Until then, we can remain hopeful for a future where condoms are safer and STDs become less commonly spread – all thanks to the practices of safe sex. But for now, make sure you take all the necessary precautions to ensure you have the safest experiences possible!

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