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Consumers Demand Truth on GMO Foods

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gmo free foodsDo the words “genetically” and “modified” sound tasty to you? If your answer is no, you are among the vast majority who are voicing their concerns on the sale and marketing of GMO foods.

Let me use the example of dog breeding to paint a clear picture of GMO and the future.

As more Western families found comfort in the presence of a household pet, the breeders of these animals began to see a trend in which types of dogs sold better and were more desirable.

Years of selective breeding have forever changed the DNA of some of the world’s most classic dog breeds.

The American bulldog for example, has been so specifically catered to pet buying tastes that it’s life expectancy is nearly half what it should be and that’s just one of the many health problems that have amassed as a result in these “pure” bred animals.

You’re probably asking yourself what dogs and GMO’d foods have to do with one another?

Well believe it or not, genetically modified foods are falling into the same trappings of the canine victims of breeding.

Food manufacturers, like dog breeders, use consumer trends and buying demands to modify the growing potential of certain “favored” foods to maximize their profits. In consequence, the natural evolution of some classic fruits and vegetables will be forever stunted.

There is light at the end of this very dark tunnel however!

According to a poll by the Associated Press, 66% of Americans are in favor of mandatory labelling of foods manufactured using GMO techniques. Furthermore, only 7% were opposed to this type of regulation, leaving the remaining 24% in a neutral position.

These numbers show that above and beyond the desire for organics, people care about the stability of their foods. About 4 in 10 revealed that the presence of genetically modified ingredients was extremely important for them to know about.

As it stands now, the Food and Drug Administration does not require the labelling of GMO’s, using the defence that all those on the market are safe. But we all know the glowing track record of safety standards set by the FDA.

Apart from the obvious concerns about the health effects of these laboratory foods, a more serious issue remains to be seen: food sources are at threat and have become subject to intellectual property rights of major corporations.

The role of government regulation needs its own independent regulatory group. As it stands now, major food companies with large holdings in some of the countries most powerful banks, have complete autonomy to do what they please.

If the government were to crack down on the shady genetic manipulations made by these major corporations, they could be at risk of another massive economic meltdown.

But the alternative is no better.

Imagine what the consequences would be if a company like General Mills owned monopoly over all the wheat crop in the world? I shudder to think where the GMO train will lead us if we do not recognize these consumer concerns and appeal to our local and federal powers to act now!



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