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Couple Buys a Dirty Truck for $4,500 – Look Inside to See the Dream House it is Now!

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There comes a point on every vacation where you wish you were just sleeping in your own bed again. You miss the welcoming cushion of your mattress, the familiar smell of your sheets, and the perfect level of fluff in your pillow. If only you could pack up your bedroom and bring it with you on the trip. Now that would be the perfect vacation. One couple took this idea quite literally and decided to build their house inside a truck.

Building a Dream House Inside a Truck

Thirty-eight-year-old Martin Hill and 27-year-old Iona Stewart, two creative geniuses from the UK, met while snowboarding in the French Alps. A short time later, and after a few beers, Martin came up with the concept of putting their house inside a truck. While the idea may have begun as nothing but drunken gibberish, it turned out to be truly brilliant.

Martin and Iona purchased a dirty truck on eBay for £3,600 (approximately $4,500) that had formerly been used to deliver bread. After just four months, and an extra $30,000 in refurbishings, the finished product was stunning.

Looking just at the interior, you would have no idea it was a house inside a truck. It has a split-floor kitchen and living area, a bathroom, an upper-level bedroom, a wardrobe, and a storage unit. The home also has a fully furnished kitchen, a comfy couch, and lovely art pieces that really add a personal touch to the beautiful home.  

The Remodeling Process

The entire process from truck to house took only four months. Martin performed most of the manual labor and Iona handled the interior designing. “We are really lucky to not have to work and we did everything ourselves,” Martin said. “It’s amazing what you can do. We are not exactly slumming it.”

You said it, Martin! Their house inside a truck may be cozy and small, but this couple has everything they need to live comfortably. That and they can take they can travel anywhere they please without ever having to leave home.

Where Is The House Inside A Truck Now?

And travel they do. Martin, Iona, and their house are currently traveling around Europe to all the greatest ski and snowboarding resorts. In fact, the couple found their new house inside a truck more than satisfactory and decided to sell Martin’s home and bar in Nottingham and keep their five-ton vehicle as a permanent dwelling. Why pass up the opportunity to have adventure, home ownership, and comfort all in one?

A Dream House Come True

Not all people would be bold enough to give up a traditional home for a 28-foot house on wheels. But for some people, it could be a dream house come true. No mortgage, no yard work, and no nosey neighbors. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

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