Dads of Daughters: You Need to Treat Your Wife Better

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Human psychology is a truly fascinating thing. Often when we work to better one thing, we focus on the wrong areas, and sometimes we neglect simple tasks that could easily result in beautiful outcomes. For all fathers of daughters, the very idea of your tiny little girl growing up at all to one day have a “boyfriend” might drive you absolutely crazy, but the methods by which you deal with this situation can either support or harm your daughter. While you might want to take the approach of “no boyfriends, ever,” you could simply start showing her how she deserves to be treated by a man and what to never put up with. (1, 2, 3)

Your Daughter Believes What She Sees About Love

Believe it or not, you are perfectly capable of teaching your daughter what she deserves from a man without ever giving her strict rules for relationships! Relationships and especially marriages are hard things to maintain and maintain well,  but the truth of the matter is that your daughter will most likely learn this on her own one day. A relationship is challenging for everyone, even those who are kind, generous, and loving, and while you hope only the best for your daughter and don’t want her to go through anything harmful, the best thing you can do for her in this retrospect is model how a woman should be treated. This means that you ought to love your wife in the same way that you want your daughter to be loved! (1)

Think about it: your daughter is young, observant, and impressionable. She is quickly going to learn things from examples set at school, through friends, and from mentors, as well as in movies, television shows, magazines, social media, and music what love looks like. These things will tell her what it sounds like, what it feels like, where to find it, and how to react. She’ll quickly begin learning representations of “love” and “relationships” that might be very far from what is true or healthy. While you want her to know what’s real, all of these things are giving her an example without anything else combating it – except for you. (1)

Love Your Wife Like You Want Your Daughter’s Future Husband To Love Her

You are the only thing standing between her and these manifestations for what love is and how she should allow herself to be treated. So if you want her to find a long, lasting, loving relationship, then that is the example you must set for her by treating her mother well and loving her hard. Setting a good example for your daughter begins in your home, with you and your wife. (1)

What does this translate to? Such simple things. Today and every day, respect your wife with your words and your actions. Hold her hand often and kiss her kindly. Make eye contact with her before your phone or the television and smile at her. When she is speaking, listen to what she’s saying, build up her confidence, and praise her for her accomplishments. Open doors for her, go on adventures with her, put effort into dating her and showing her that she is important to you. Provide her with encouragement when she is in need of it, empathize with her when she is seeking your support, and tell her that she is beautiful as often as you can. (1)

Your daughter loves you and her mother, and your relationship has a bigger effect on her than perhaps you’re aware. Your understanding of how large an impact your wife has on your daughter will help you understand just how important your treatment of her is. So love your wife well and treat her kindly so your daughter learns to expect the same thing from her future relationship. (1)


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